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To dye for: Top hair trends for colour

Not many colourists can claim to be celebrities with the type of profile and following on social media that many Hollywood stars would envy. But Guy Tang is not your ordinary colourist. A YouTube sensation with more than 2.2 million “hairbesties” on Instagram, Guy pushes boundaries and breaks stereotypes when it comes to hair. Known for his distinctive rainbow-coloured dye jobs and Mydentity products, he shared his secrets with the team at Glow Salon on a recent Hong Kong visit.

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Edgy colour without punk

Glow is now the go-to place in Hong Kong for a “colourover”, says salon director Rennie Fensham, as it’s one of the first salons in the world to receive Guy’s Super Power Direct Dye series.

“The key to creating any Guy Tang look is the original lift,” says Rennie. “Asian hair, for example, is recognised as being amongst the most difficult hair to work with and might require up to three lifts to get the base colour as light as possible. Guy is a master at creating new hair shade without the warm, brassy undertones and his totally customised formulas are created by an artist, developed in a lab, and tried and tested by a stylist on all types of hair.”

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Guy has evolved colour for hair in a way that means wild and wonderful hues are achievable. His never seen-before shades include multidimensional rose golds, pearls and dusty lavenders. Rennie says that with the Super Power Direct Dye, Glow Salon has some new and intensely rich pigments to work with, such as Purple Raven and Magenta Magic. “Stunning new looks include the rich and vibrant purple into pink melt,” she says. “The new shades can also be used for an updated balayage in crimson red.”

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Colour with care

Rennie adds that while the colours might push the boundaries, the application process doesn’t. “All Guy Tang colour treatments are achieved without the chemical scent of most hair dyes,” she says. “Instead, clients enjoy a more pleasant application that doesn’t break the base and expose the PH that creates the warm brassy colours and smells like lavender baby powder. Each look requires hair to be lifted to an almost platinum blonde before being coloured, but to repair much of the damage caused by colour lifting, Mydentity products are pre-mixed with Olaplex.”

glow salon and spa

Glow Salon will also be among the first in the world to carry Guy Tang’s My confident shampoo and conditioner that provides up to two times the shine of regular shampoos with the help of an exclusive keratin argon oil blend.

Glow is a boutique beauty salon offering premium hair, skincare, body and beauty treatments for men and women. For a free consultation or to book, contact 2525 5198 or go to

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