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Summer hair care essentials

The key to an awesome summer look, especially when you’re considering going lighter, is preparation. Spring is the perfect time to start. Hair, just like skin, dries out over the winter months. Moisture is sucked out of our skin by cooler, drier winter air, and by air-conditioners and warm heaters. Conditioning treatments are a great place to start to add moisture back into your hair.

Preparation is Key

There are a fantastic range of masks and treatments available that can be applied at home – and they work wonders!

SIOBAN GUILFOYLE of Glow explains that the salon has a range of at-home moisture treatments available. “One of our favourites is the Davines Natural Tech Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Mask. This is a super-hydrating conditioner and it’s especially good for dry, fragile and dehydrated hair. It’s enriched with rice proteins and loaded with avocado oil, and it hydrates, enhances shine and improves manageability.”

Expert tip: If your hair is in need of a more serious repair or if you’re considering a significant colour change, you probably need to do an in-salon Olaplex or B3 conditioning treatment.

Summer Colour

A consultation with a knowledgeable stylist is absolutely essential when you’re considering a change. A stylist will help you find the right colour to suit your skin tone, hair type and the condition of your hair.

DANIELLE WELDON, Senior Stylist at Glow, says, “When I’m discussing a colour change for summer with my clients, I take into consideration three factors: the natural colour of their hair, the condition of their hair and their skin tone. I often find that a few scattered highlights or a subtle colour change are all that’s needed brighten up a look and to ensure that that my client leaves the salon with a smile on their face”

Expert tip: Upkeep and manageability are big factors to consider. Danielle makes sure she works to find a colour her clients love but is easy to maintain


Battling Frizz

Frizz is caused by the hair cuticles opening in response to humidity in the air. When the cuticles opens, hair can’t lie flat – and that’s what produces the frizzy effect!

Smoothing treatments or keratin treatments are a great solution. They help to nourish the hair and to improve manageability, so your hair will appear glossy, shiny and really healthy. The treatment time is generally two and a half to three hours, and the effect can last for three months or more.

Expert tip: There are many keratin and smoothing treatments available on the market. The stylists at Glow can help make a recommendation based on your hair type, colour and condition, and how much time you have for daily styling.

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