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Adapt your beauty routine for Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s climate, specifically the humidity and pollution, can surprise newcomers with its unexpected effects on hair and skin. Here are some tips from Glow Spa & Salon owner Sioban Guilfoyle on adapting your beauty routine for your new home.

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The first thing new arrivals to Hong Kong notice is that their previously smooth silky hair is replaced by frizzy, dull and often curly locks. An expat herself, Sioban well understands the experience of expats here. “You’re not alone in your battle to fight the frizz!” she says.

Sioban advises that the most popular and effective solution for frizzy hair is a smoothing treatment. There are many keratin-based treatments available, but she recommends going to a reputable salon with experienced technicians. The results last up to 12 weeks. “Glossy, manageable, shiny hair is one thing less to worry about as you settle in,” she says.

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Newbies might be surprised by an unpredictable difference in skin moisture as it adapts to the more humid conditions of Hong Kong. “The constant switch between the humidity outdoors and the dry air-conditioning indoors can lead to over- or underproduction of oil,” she says.

In addition, they city’s pollution-prone environment, and constant contact with bacteria-infected objects such as doors and elevator buttons, can cause overly congested pores that lead to pimply breakouts. Sioban suggests regular facials to rebalance the moisture and deeply cleanse the skin to maintain the healthiest complexion possible.

Glow Spa & Salon is at Parker House, 9/F, 72 Queen’s Road, Central.
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This article first appeared in the City Guide 2018 issue of Expat Living magazine. Get your free copy here!