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Gorgeous gift ideas for this Christmas

As thoughts turn to stocking up on end-of-year gifts for family and friends across the globe, the Prestige Fairs are back at the Conrad Hotel for Christmas, offering a one-stop shopping solution for all your present-buying needs. This year’s four events will feature over 350 of Hong Kong’s leading designers and entrepreneurs, showcasing beautiful jewellery, clothing, homeware, children’s gifts, food, wine, chocolates, decorations and more. Here’s just a snapshot of what you can expect – so make sure you put the dates in your diary!

Christmas Fairs: AA Pashmina
AA Pashmina

AA Pashmina

These unique pashminas are made using the best genuine pashmina fleece from the chyangra goat, hand-crafted with traditional techniques by weavers in Nepal. Perfect for Hong Kong’s winter, they’re light and meticulously woven and finished, with limited pieces in each design. For day or night, and formal or casual occasions. | 15 November, 27 November

Prestige Fairs: Spirit Haus
Spirit Haus

The Spirit Haus

By searching out new and exciting home décor, gifts and jewellery from across Asia, the team behind The Spirit Haus shares
the story of the people and places behind each piece. Find them at the Prestige Fairs for a chat about the culture and the artists who made their items before you buy. | 15 November, 2 December

Prestige Fairs: Galleria Camaya
Galleria Camaya

Galleria Camaya

These artworks by award-winning Philippine artists have been exhibited in the Philippines and in Hong Kong, at the Asian Contemporary Art Show. Galleria Camaya seeks to promote outstanding artists with exposure to international audiences, helping them realise their full potential. | 2 December


Ankyra Home

This brand’s products comprise a unique range of handcrafted Turkish homeware, from traditional and authentic hand-painted bowls, to coasters, tea sets and more, to bring the colour and class of Turkish style straight to your living room – or any part of your home for that matter! | 15 November, 27 November, 2 December, 10 December

Prestige Fairs: Babaloo


This fresh range of artwork stimulates the imagination of children of all ages using familiar motifs and playing with colour and lights. The variety of themes and media ranges from dinosaurs and hedgehogs created with crayons, to magical angels
and unicorns incorporated with fairy lights. Beautiful keepsakes to adorn the walls of any bedroom. | 27 November


Chubby Charlie

Co-founded by two hungry sisters who travel far and wide to look for quality products – homemade, handcrafted and using the finest ingredients. Their combined love for food and design inspires them to create the perfect edible treats. Try the infamous chocolate caramel brittle, and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised! | 27 November, 2 December, 10 December

Prestige Fairs: Lhamour

Lhamour HK

This skincare brand is the first company to be accredited organic by the Mongolian Chamber of Commerce. Lhamour uses traditional Mongolian ingredients such as sea buckthorn, Jamts salt, yak’s milk and horse oil to create healthy, organic skincare. No preservatives, artificial perfumes or chemicals are used, so the products are safe for the whole family. | 15 November

Prestige Fairs: Sarah Brennan Books
Sarah Brennan Books

Sarah Brennan Books

Hong Kong’s best-selling book series, The Chinese Calendar Tales by Sarah Brennan and Harry Harrison, is based on Chinese Zodiac signs, and is a funny and fabulous taste of China – and a perfect gift for any age! Bring your list of birth dates, and Sarah and her team will identify the right book for everyone you love – signed by the author on the spot at the Prestige Fairs. | 27 November, 2 December, 10 December

Prestige Fairs: Blue Morpho
Blue Morpho

Blue Morpho

This online shop sells beautiful greeting cards and stationery, offering quality paper products designed and printed in Great Britain, with free delivery in Hong Kong. They will be at two editions of the Prestige Fairs making shopping for cards, gift-wrap and other stationery has never been more convenient and affordable. | 15 November, December 2

Prestige Fairs: Essencial Candles
Essencial Candles

Essencial Candles

Using natural and non-toxic beeswax directly from a bee farm in Hong Kong and blending it with 100 percent pure essential oils, these healthy aromatherapy candles act as natural air purifiers and produce negative ions when burning. The lovely scent of the oils creates a warm, calming environment. | 2 December, 10 December

Prestige Fairs: Lorette Roberts
Lorette Roberts

Lorette E. Roberts Originals

Artist Lorette’s new 2018 Hong Kong Calendar is available now, plus Hong Kong-themed coasters in packs of four that are the perfect size for mailing. She also has a new book out that features sketches of flowers from around Asia, showcasing her inimitable style – and including those elusive snails! | 15 November

Prestige Fairs: Nuage Concept
Nuage Concept

Nuage Concept

For all women who love to wear unique and quality jewellery, Nuage Concept is an online space entirely devoted to independent French designers of luxury fashion jewellery and accessories. Handcrafted by local artisans and fabricated in limited quantities, all the pieces are plated or filled in 18K or 24K gold. | 15 November, 2 December

Prestige Fairs: Kben Hol
Kben Hol

Kben & Hol

These artisanal home furnishings and textiles, handwoven by skilled artisans in Cambodia, feature a contrast of colours, original patterns and refined materials. Close collaboration with local Cambodian communities and partners ensures each piece maintains an ethical and sustainable touch. | 15 November, 2 December

Prestige Fairs: Heyland & Whittle
Heyland & Whittle

Heyland & Whittle

Inspired by nature, Heyland & Whittle uses a traditional cold-processed method to produce the finest handmade soaps. Among the natural ingredients are essential oils, herbs, spices and pure colourants, and the soaps are sulphate- and paraben-free. | 27 November

Prestige Fairs: Frederico Vignato
Frederico Vignato

Federico Vignato

Born from an appreciation for quality craftsmanship and authentic Italian culture, Federico Vignato leather bags reflect a timeless aesthetic, playfully punctuated with pops of colour and unexpected details that reflect the brand’s wearers and their spontaneity. | 27 November, 2 December

Prestige Fairs: Three Four Five
Three Four Five

Three Four Five

At the Three Four Five workshop in Sheung Wan, local designers and tailors translate traditional clothing into stylish, functional modern-day wear, preserving the cultural values of Chinese fashion for future generations. Products include children’s wear, women’s wear, fashion and home accessories. | 27 November

Prestige Fairs Details:

  • The Gift and Lifestyle Fair: Wednesday 15 November, 10am-8pm
  • The Pre-Christmas Gift Parade: Monday 27 November, 10am-8pm
  • The Christmas Gift Showcase: Saturday 2 December, 10am-6pm
  • The Christmas Gift Festival: Sunday, 10 December, 10am-6pm

Free admission, open to the public.

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