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Google introduces new Smarty Pins game to test your Google Maps knowledge, or waste time in the office. Whatevs.

We’ve just researched the new Google game Smarty Pins, and to prove that we were actually working instead of slacking off, we want to tell you about it. That’s right: all in the name of research.

We played this game in the name of research
We played this game in the name of research

A trivia game that uses Google Maps to test your geography skills, Smarty Pins starts players off with a thousand mile map (that’s 1,609 kilometers for your non-American folk), presents a question on that area, and asks players to “pin” the location of the answer. For example, check out my genius answer below (Google also makes you feel like a champ when you answer trivia questions correctly).

If Google think's I'm in the 5%, so should you
If Google think’s I’m in the 5%, so should you

Trivia categories include Featured Topics (think: trending Google topics), Arts & Culture, Science & Geography, Sports & Games, Entertainment, History & Current Events.

Go on, you know you want to!