Golfing Lesson: How to use a driver – tips, technique and technology

Our men’s partner magazine EX gives us these tips from resident golfing professional Quincy, who has taught about the flop shot and turning triple-bogeys into pars. Now it’s time to get stuck into using that driver properly.

Quincy – EX’s pro. Hi there!

Name: Quincy Quek
Age: 27
Nationality: Singaporean
Turned Pro: 2009
Best Win: 2012 Orchard Golf Championship in The Philippines
Mantra: There are only two options regarding commitment; you’re either in or you’re out – there’s no such thing as life in between

Lesson: Using the driver
There’s a school of thought that beginners shouldn’t even bother trying to use the driver, but I don’t subscribe to that theory. Once you’ve got the general idea of how to hit the ball, then you can move onto the driver. Obviously you’re attempting to hit the ball a little longer, but your rhythm should stay the same.

Your feet should be wider than if you’re playing an iron to give you a really solid base. You’re going to swing this club much faster than your irons, so you have to feel stable. If your balance is all over the place then you’ve got hardly any chance of connecting with the sweet spot.

I like to tee the ball up a bit higher to gain optimum distance. You want to launch the ball high but spin the ball less. Teeing up higher helps you to swing from the inside and hit the ball almost on the up.

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If a driver suits your eye then it builds confidence within. If you don’t like the look of a club then I would say don’t buy it, even if people have recommended it.

White club heads cut out the glare from the sun, which is why lots of manufacturers are producing drivers in that colour. The colour white also makes the club appear bigger, which in turn could give the user a bit more confidence.

Shafts have different kick points where they bend and whip. Where the kick point is on the shaft impacts on how high the ball goes. A high kick point will launch the ball lower, a low kick point will launch the ball higher. You can change the loft to suit. You can also move the centre of gravity of the club head towards the toe or heel depending on what sort of shot you want to hit. It’s a really good invention for guys who hit lots of big slices or big hooks.

Mmm, sexy driver

I’m a very visual guy, I like to see the shot. I drive the ball 260-270 metres, so I look ahead at what is around that distance. If there are hazards then maybe I switch to a three-wood. Is the wind in favour? What sort of shot do I want to hit? Be clear in your mind.

Don’t be tempted to force the drive if you’re playing with guys who smash the ball further than you. Have the mental strength to play your own game. If you hit the ball 200 metres and then you’re left with 190 metres, but you hit your third shot to within two feet, it’s better than a guy who hits it 350 metres off the tee and then takes another two shots to get on the green. With driver you just want to put the ball in play.

Grip it and rip it!

Think of your driver as a baseball bat and the ball as a baseball. It’s a flat, wide swing.