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Get Party Ready With These Top Tips

It’s the holidays and that means festive events galore. Whether you have hours to prepare or you’re heading straight out after work, these simple tips will help you look gorgeous all night long!


Expat Living Ladies looking party ready!
Expat Living Ladies looking party ready!


Laying the foundations

A clean slate and glowing skin is a great place to start, so here are some tips from SIOBAN GUILFOYLE, owner of Glow Spa Hong Kong, on how you can achieve that:


#1 Moisturise! Moisturise! Moisturise! This should be your mantra as we head into winter. As the air becomes cooler and drier, so too does your skin, so apply a hydrating moisturiser every day, along with a nourishing night cream. A hydrating facial once every four weeks will also keep your skin plump and hydrated.


#2 The downside to the late nights and a few extra glasses of wine over the festive period are the dark circles under your eyes. Treat these by adding a brightening and lifting eye cream to your nightly routine. Or a dab of Vitamin E or almond oil rubbed gently under your eye can work wonders too!




#3 For beautiful, smooth and glowing skin for those Christmas family photos, add a gentle exfoliation scrub to your skin-care routine once or twice a week. Exfoliation removes the dead skin cells from the top layer of your skin, evening out the texture and skin tone and giving a lighter, brighter and younger look and feel to your face.


Add the decoration

A few quick makeup tricks can shorten your prep time and have you ready to party in a jiffy. LIZZIE PARKIN, principal makeup artist and life coach at All About You Centre, shares her secrets for festive make-up.


#1 Use a bronzer for a healthy party glow in the winter months.




#2 Use a highlighter for instant glam – it can be used on eyes, face or cheeks (but not all at the same time, otherwise it’s overkill!).


#3 A groomed eyebrow can open up your eyes and frame your face perfectly.


#4 Always use an eyelash curler to give a more dramatic look, add lots of mascara or even false lashes.


#5 Festive lipstick is all about red, red and more red, but this can bleed or fade quickly. Make a new resolution to always use a lip liner to draw the line and fill in the lips with a base coat. Then you can add a darker lipstick colour all over and a touch of gloss in the middle of the top lip.




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