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Why this furniture store is a favourite with interior designers

If there’s ever a good rule of thumb when it comes to choosing a restaurant, it’s eat where chefs dine. When it comes to buying home furnishings you can apply the same principle at DSL Furniture, which is a favourite with interior designers.

DSL Furniture: The Lamberi S-050 sectional sofa with a chaise comes in a fabric finish
The Lamberi S-050 sectional sofa with a chaise comes in a fabric finish

Owner David Lambert has established a flourishing furniture business, which offers beautifully crafted, affordable, high-quality furniture designed with European influences and built to the standards of the European and US market. Initially an online business, DSL has now opened a showroom on Bonham Road, in Mid-Levels. Here David shares some of the most popular and on-trend pieces, as well as explaining a bit about DSL.

How did you become a go-to store for interior designers?

“I have been collaborating with interior designers for several years and we have a great relationship within the community. Interior designers want to provide their customers with great looking, high-quality furniture in colours that coordinate with the rest of the project all while trying to meet their customer’s budget. Our pricing is generally about 30-60 percent more affordable than furniture retailers producing furniture of similar quality. Our interior designer friends who understand quality and pricing more than most understand we list our best price so there is no need to negotiate. They like the clarity and honest pricing.”

Why did you decide to open a showroom?

“Each year, we continue to develop the business with new products and improved services. We wanted to give new customers an opportunity to see our products in person. So we found a great and convenient location for a showroom on Bonham Road, Mid-levels. It has been an exciting process and with great positive feedback from our customers. As well as showcasing some of our popular products, we’ve hosted network events and plan to have some more soon. People can keep up-to-date with these events on our Facebook and Instagram pages.”

What do you think you offer customers that makes your business stand-out?

“A few things – first, our large collection of high-quality products. We’ve got furniture for every room of the home at affordable price points.

Second, we treat our customers as friends and created the showroom with the same attitude in mind. Customers will sit and chat with us – often with a cup of tea – and we’ll discuss their projects in detail, whether it be about designing their home layout or finding what’s best for their family. I’ll be their first and last point of contact, guiding the customers through the entire process. So there’ll never be any miscommunication from different people or departments.

And finally, for those who want to invest a little more in creating custom one-off pieces, we’ve got you covered.

On a side note, we also continue to work with interior designers and homeowners on full-scale home renovation projects, including construction, decoration, interior design, and furnishing.”

How long does it take to get a piece made?

“It depends on what pieces the customer wants. The Hvar collection for example, can be sent out within two to five weeks. The Lamberi and Modern Classic collections take about six weeks. Custom furniture can take about six weeks to produce after the design has been confirmed.

We’re also launching a new website this year that will help make the process even faster with better tools and user experience.”

What are some of your most popular products and what are some of the big looks this season?

“This gallery below showcases some of our classic pieces, as well as hot products this season.”

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