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Furniture and home decoration shop founder Philippa Hayden of Bowerbird Home introduces the new Bowerbirds

By: Bowerbird Home HK founder Philippa Hayden
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The new Bowerbirds: Madelin, Diana, Joey, Caro, Jac, Clinton, Ross and Philippa

Launching Bowerbird was no walk in the park. It’s been three years of hard slog. The pleasure has come from creating a viable business that has found a place in the hearts of many, but mostly from meeting so many of you.

Three years on, we’re a fully-fledged business. I am no longer handwriting your receipts, the showroom has an organised layout, we even have our own delivery truck! Wow, how things have changed.



Through it all, many valuable lessons have been learnt. The most important has been that my customers have become my friends, and it is this, which has made the Bowerbird experience as special as it is for all of us.

I love that I know many of you by name and that you all invariably know each other, or come to know each other when you are in the showroom. We have built a community and it has become the essence of Bowerbird. A collected home for a collection of friends.

So, what does that mean in terms of growing the business and meeting your needs? It means hiring a few more of me, not an easy thing to come by if you’re an over-qualified expat focused on raising a young family. It has however been my goal, in order to ensure that the Bowerbird experience is enhanced rather than diminished.

So, without further ado let me introduce you to the new Bowerbirds!

First up there’s Madelin, ever obliging and super diligent, although you’re not likely to see her much because she’s the admin engine driving everything behind the scenes.

Then there’s effervescent Diana (ex-accountant) and miracle worker Joey (interior architect), who are the dynamic married duo that respond to your emails, organise your deliveries and follow up your inquiries.

Our business operations have never looked better thanks to Caro and Jac, two fabulous ladies who are job-sharing so they can continue to focus on their young families.

Caro’s a Kiwi and has been living in Hong Kong for 14 years. She’s an ex-banker with a penchant for numbers and interiors; she’s also a fellow school mum who regularly offered to help but I feared was far too qualified. As the business grew, she was the obvious person to call on – and what an amazing decision that was!

Jac grew up in Hong Kong and Melbourne and started out as a customer visiting the store with her two tiny girls and working part-time as a lawyer. We so enjoyed each other’s company that she would pop in weekly with brownies for a chat. I don’t know how many brownies it took me to persuade her to join Bowerbird but every pound I’ve gained was worth it.

Between the three of us there’s barely a face we don’t know.

Clinton, our new store and visual merchandising manager joined us two months ago from Sydney and the store hasn’t looked the same since. I first met Clinton 15 years ago as my husband’s flat mate and he quickly became one of my favourite people in the world. He’s impeccably groomed and mannered, is as stylish as all get-out (which likely comes from his background as a fashion designer) and is possibly the most charming person you’ll ever meet. Quite frankly it’s impossible not to love him!

Finally, there’s Ross, who is not on the books but rather a great friend, and whose company, The World Beyond, sources and supplies Bowerbird’s vintage line of furniture and accessories. Ross was the creative director of Lane Crawford Home and prior to that Liberty of London where he launched their vintage lines.

They all have one thing in common, they’re gregarious interior enthusiasts who will happily help you create a beautiful home whilst enjoying your visits as much as I do!

Team Bowerbird is looking forward to meeting you, so pop in for a coffee – with or without brownies!

Best, Philippa x