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Fun family portraits in Hong Kong: Finding a good photographer to take family stills

When you’ve longtime clients who trust your work, it makes shooting their precious moments that much better. We chat to Bettitude Photography to learn what goes behind their favourite images.

Where it the image taken, and what is the subject matter?

It was taken at my studio.  This was the third session I did for the family (one of my great and loyal customers) from maternity, newborn to one-year old celebration shots at studio this time.


Describe the work that went into perfecting the shot.

Usually before a session, we go through the styles briefly to get what my clients are looking for.  I always like to keep their requirements (content and feel) in brief as this allow more room/flexibility to look for more elements when I meet them in person and during the shot.  Many clients who book me for photography are looking for memorable and classic family shots that are long-lasting (simple, not too many props/ set-up).

During the beginning of session, we build up their mood (particularly that of the baby- if baby is happy, parents are happy) and wait for the moment to capture, as baby’s mood doesn’t last long in general.  Once the moment is there, I’ll grab the timing on different angles/ composition to make the shots impressive at first sight. To do this, I count on full cooperation from parents (usually they’ll be exhausted, yet enjoy the fun and pace of the session).

I still remember the time when this image was taken:  This was captured right after we put baby down (and he smiled).  Just a second later he turned his body round and get away from my lens.

The images tune up a bit with color (via Photoshop), adding more vibrant and energy elements into it.

Why is it your favourite?

There was the so-called moment there: smile and pose…with no particular set up. The image composition and angle were just right.  The style and feel projected in this image was simple, natural (my photography style), and shiny. The picture looks unique to me, with a touch and character that makes up the perfection.

Is this image typical of the photographic work that you do?

Securing a great and memorable family picture is a MUST for all type of sessions (family portraits included in all packages). My photography jobs for portraits ranges from newborn/ infant/ maternity/ family.  Aside from this, I do underwater photography too.  I’m a diving maniac.

Bettitude Photography specialises in newborn and baby portraits, maternity stills, kids and family photography in Hong Kong.