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Free Ride Day: Your ticket to ride Hong Kong’s Star Ferry and the Ding Ding gets real on May 29

Toot toot! That’s the sound of Hong Kong’s 4th annual Free Ride Day, coming to the Big Smog this Thursday, May 29, in celebration of the 153rd anniversary of Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce.

We’ve got a ticket to ride, thanks to HKGCC

To kick off the anniversary celebration, all public transport on the Star Ferry and the ‘Ding Ding’ (city electric streetcar tram) is free to the public this Thursday, May 29, 2014.

Whether that means you’ll take advantage of a free ride to work, or if you’re in the mood to swoon over the nightly Harbour light show, we think this is a sweet treat for the day.

Ride on the Ding Ding for free this Thursday!

See you on the ‘Ding Ding’!