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Free Readers’ Talk and Lucky Draw: Karina Stewart explains the health benefits of detox

We often hear the word detox bandied about, but what does it really mean? Is it just a buzz phrase or are there genuine health benefits to be gained? To find out, join us at Detox: A Foundation for Optimal Health, our free Readers’ Talk and Lucky Draw, led by Karina Stewart, co-founder of the beautiful Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary & Holistic Spa in Koh Samui,Thailand and doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Karina was introduced to the EL Events team by Lightfoot Travel, the “go-to” travel agent for trips of every kind, from skiing to honeymoons.

In this talk, Karina will explain how an annual detox can lead to better health for you and your family. She’ll also discuss how food, nutrition, and other practices that support detoxification are the most powerful preventative medicine available to us when used on a regular basis.

Karina believes that if you eat well most of the time, get sufficient exercise, learn to manage your stress, and detox at least once a year, you will have the health, vitality and emotional balance to enjoy life and experience your full potential.

Come for the talk, stick around for the Lucky Draw — your chance to win a 3 nights stay for two at Kamalaya.

The deets:

WHAT: Detox, A Foundation for Optimal Health, an Expat Living Hong Kong reader’s event in partnership with Lightfoot Travel featuring Karina Stewart, co-founder of Kamalaya wellness resort.

WHEN: Thursday, April 10th from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

WHERE: Oolaa, G/F. CentreStage, Bridges Street, Soho

HOW MUCH?: Absolutely free!

Click here to RSVP for Detox, A Foundation for Optimal Health.