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Five tips on how to travel the world for free

It sounds completely impossible to have a great escape at no cost at all, especially with high expenses for hotels, car rentals and other activities that come with a price tag. So here are 5 ways to travel the world for free.

Travelling can be as cheap as you want it to be

1. House Sitting
Paying for accommodation during your trips can really burn a huge hole your pockets, so why not put on your responsible hats and look after someone else’s pet and property while they’re away? In return, you get an amazing place to stay in during your trip.

2. Volunteer
With sites such as Workaway, you are now able to volunteer almost anywhere around the world, for a few hours a day in exchange for free meals and the security of a place to stay with welcoming company. Not only will you cut down on your travel costs, you will also be heading home with the knowledge of new skills and a radically good heart.

3. Car Sharing
Take part in urban mobility of the 21st century and seek out car sharing sites at your chosen travel destination. With car rentals being painfully expensive on a long trip, car sharing runs on a pay-per-trip basis – accessible, affordable and quicker.

4. Get Paid While Travelling
Working while travelling doesn’t seem all that appealing but with so many ways to teach English as a second language, you can’t pass up on this opportunity of getting paid while on your quest to travel. With TEFL certification, you can get trained and certified to teach almost anywhere on the globe.

5. Travel Hacking
Credit Card companies usually offer reward programs that benefit anyone from free fine dining to free hotel stays and international flights. While planning for your trips, do some research and take advantage of promotions and rewards by earning points from the current expenditures of your daily life. Travel hacking will not only aid you in using your points wisely but also allow you to ultimately travel for free.