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Financial Planning in Hong Kong

Newcomers to Hong Kong often overlook important priorities when enjoying a new life of higher income and lower taxes. Planning a secure financial future is critical to ensuring hard work and attractive pay grades aren’t wasted, and the team at The Fry Group can help with that. Here are their recommendations.

Have you thought about your plans?
Have you thought about your plans?

Getting Started

Saving for emergency funds, children’s schooling, deposits on new homes, and securing an income for retirement are important considerations that should be addressed as early as possible. While it may be easier to accumulate assets in a tax efficient jurisdiction, turning them into income for retirement, and protecting that for future generations when you pass on, is less so.

The first step is start as early as possible: the earlier you start the easier it is to meet goals. The common trap many expats fall into, is deferring important decisions, especially when living on a comfortable salary.

Planning Ahead

Identify the right financial planner for you. There are a vast number of financial products on the market, and a truly independent financial planner can narrow these down and help decide the best approach to reach your financial goals. It’s important to distinguish between product sales people and financial planners. Seek honest, independent and fee-based advice that is impartial, without ties to specific commission-based products.

Considering the correct tax advice when planning your future and a potential return home is crucial. For British citizens, for example, the UK presents many tax complications, but also planning opportunities for a tax-efficient future.

About The Fry Group

The Fry Group was established in 1898 in the UK. Its Hong Kong office is regulated by the SFC and CIB, and offers a fully transparent fee-based financial planning service, with holistic advice that covers taxation, trusts, wills, investments, pensions, savings and insurance needs. To set up a no-cost initial consultation, call 2526 9488 or email 

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