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How to style this season’s hot colours

Thanks to social media platforms like Instagram, where top models have millions and millions of followers, today’s teenagers are more aware than ever of fashion trends. Meanwhile, online shopping and fast fashion means clothes are cheap and accessible. But how do you walk the line between being on-trend or a fashion victim?

Ellen Van De Laar is a fashion and interior stylist working in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. She cautions against slavishly following celebrity style. “The serious fashionistas among us always check out the latest colours and styles and buy a few of the latest items each season to spice up our wardrobes,” she says. “However, what might look good on Gigi and Bella Hadid might not work for you at all. Avoid being a fashion victim and stop yourself buying an outfit straight from the dummy in the window. Instead, whenever you see a colour or style you like, do a little mental check to determine if the item you fancy would actually suit you.”

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Ellen says the colours of 2018 are really cool but quite specific, so not every colour will suit an individual. She suggests adding a splash of the latest colours to your wardrobe, by picking up affordable pieces from places like Zara, Topshop, H&M and Zalora. Here’s her take on 2018’s hottest shades.

Ultra Violet

The Pantone Colour of 2018. This is a bold colour that’s quite tricky to style. It’s probably best to use it as an accent colour for boots, scarves, ties, belts and socks. Another solution to get away with ultra violet is to mix it with a more neutral tone. The good news is that this colour suits most skin tones!


The lighter version of ultra violet. It’s what we call a cool colour, so not great for redheads and people with freckled, warm, olive skin tones. This works better for girls with a pinkish skin tone. If it suits you, it’s also a great colour to combine with denim, white and sky blue, or you can dye your hair in the latest lavender hair colour trend.

Sky Blue

This is a great colour to combine with navy or just wear on its own. It looks great on blondes. Be careful when you have dark hair; this colour might make you look a little too pale.

Military Green

This is a perfect colour for people with warm, olive skin tones! A cool military green jacket never goes out of fashion.


Bright yellow! You will definitely stand out with this cool colour. Accessorise it or wear it from head to toe to make an everlasting impression. If you have a pale skin tone, it might be better to avoid wearing this colour on the top half of your body as it can make you look a bit wishy-washy.

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