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A facial tailored just for you

If you’re new to facials or you have problem skin, have a chat to the team at The Skin Gym. This clinic specialising in skincare is well-known for its prescription facials, with therapists aiming to ensure that every treatment meets each individual’s needs.

image of woman having prescription facials

Tell us about the prescription facials you offer for both adults and teens.

A Skin Gym prescription facial is an hour-long treatment that’s prefect for clients who aren’t sure of exactly what they need. For example, we may have a client come in who feels their skin is lacklustre, but who can’t put their finger on what the problem is. We can curate a compilation of products and treatments that will benefit them personally. Prescription facials allow us to cater to a client’s individual needs. Also, those with sensitive skin may find regular facials too harsh; this method enables us to deliver the best possible result.

What type of skin types may require or are best suited to a prescription facial?

As it’s a bespoke, tailored treatment, all skin types are suitable.

Are there significant differences in how you treat teenagers compared to adults?

With teens, we obviously aren’t combatting ageing or trying to restore youthfulness to the skin. We’ll advise on how to maintain skin, with a heavy focus on post-treatment care. Teens tend to be combatting problematic skin or breakouts so aftercare is very important. Some parents may worry that a salon facial would aggravate rather than help teenage skin – what’s your advice to them? Choose a salon like The Skin Gym with solid credentials and a proven track record. Our results speak for themselves; you can check out before and after examples of teens on our Instagram and Facebook. We’re happy for parents to sit in on treatments, too.

image of teenager having prescription facial
Our teen reviewer Keira (14) sampled a Skin Gym facial

What’s the best way to care for problem skin?

Healthy skin comes from the inside as well as the outside! A good diet can do wonders for your complexion. Sugar, alcohol and coffee, for example, can aggravate skin. Use products advised by your therapist and avoid cheap, “trendy” products. Keep it basic and start slowly when it comes to products.

The Verdict

Our teen reviewer Keira (14) sampled a Skin Gym facial

“The facial felt great; I enjoyed feeling the different textures of the creams that were being applied to my face, and my face felt really clean and refreshed at the end. I appreciated my therapist giving me information during and after the facial about how I should care for my skin, and where I need to focus on for cleansing. I’ll definitely try to take better care of my skin from now on. A nice touch was the head and shoulder massage, which I really loved. It was so relaxing, and I almost fell asleep”

The Skin Gym
The Centrium, 21/F, Room 6, 60 Wyndham Street
2810 8088 | theskingym.com.hk

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