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Tips and treatments for beautiful eyes

It’s no secret that in any woman’s beauty routine, particular attention should be paid to the eyes. Signs of fatigue and age are hard to hide in this very visible feature. Late nights and hard work can manifest in puffiness or redness, while wrinkles can be particularly acute as the thin skin around the eyes makes them more prone to lines. So what can women do to keep their peepers in prime condition?

Fortunately, there are loads of beauty treatments available that can work to prevent and minimise damage. Among these is spa and salon Glow, which has a variety of options for anyone considering an eye makeover, ranging from low-key regimes to semi-permanent cosmetic interventions.

Glow spa eye close up

Eye care

Glow owner SIOBAN GUILFOYLE explains that the area around the eyes comprises micro muscles and delicate skin – that’s why it needs special attention. As a first step, she recommends a good eye cream. “You can never underestimate the importance of basic day-to-day care,” she says. “Eye cream (not to be mistaken with moisturiser for the rest of your face) and plenty of sun protection are crucial in keeping wrinkles at bay for as long as possible.”

Anti-ageing treatments

Sioban explains there are also treatments for those who are seeing signs of ageing with deeper expression lines or wrinkles. “Micro-current treatments with CACI rods or wrinkle combs can improve the firmness around the eyes and reduce the appearance of fine lines as both a preventative and mild curative treatment,” she says. “These can be performed every month as part of a regular beauty regimen alongside good home care.”

Luscious lashes

Meanwhile, Glow’s eyebrow artist Elizabeth Loennborn says a simple eyelash or eyebrow tint can go a long way for a subtle and low-maintenance cosmetic enhancement, especially for those with fairer skin and hair tones. “For more extreme embellishments, eyelash extensions are an easy, non-invasive and popular treatment resulting in luscious-looking, long lashes,” she says.

Perfect brows

Elizabeth, who was trained by world-renowned makeup artist Laura Mercier, is quite an expert when it comes to brows. She went on to study microblading in Hollywood under the tutelage of world microblading champion Lindsey Ta.

With trends shifting from one extreme to another, barely-there looks can be replaced with thick and dark arches in the blink of an eye. So, what happens when over plucking leads to less-than-desirable shapes and thicknesses? Elizabeth creates new shapes by performing semi-permanent solutions through tweezing or microblading, and has earned herself an enviable reputation in the art of “arch migration”.

For a free consultation, call 2525 5198 or email reception@glowspa.hk. Visit glowspa.hk for more information.

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