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‘I don’t want to work forever’

Are your financial affairs in order? Expat Living chatted with a client of financial adviser Chris Brooks, Partner at wealth management company St. James’s Place. Sallie Burton, who is originally from the United Kingdom but currently working in Hong Kong, shared how Chris is helping her achieve her financial goals.

Chris Brooks is a partner at St James's Place
Chris Brooks is a partner at St James’s Place who can help you achieve your financial goals

How long have you been in Hong Kong?

I moved here in September 2008. I’d been here previously on a few occasions visiting friends, and the lifestyle in Hong Kong really appealed to me. I’d lived in London for 10 years and decided it was time to make a change.

What is your current job and role?

I’m Regional Head of Global Capital Markets Compliance at a European investment bank.

How did you hear about Chris and St. James’s Place?

It was a case of right place, right time. My friends and I were discussing the need to be better prepared for retirement and Chris called the very next day. Instantly, I felt it was a good personality fit and found Chris very easy to talk to. I’d heard of St. James’s Place from my time in the UK; when Chris joined them just over a year ago, I had no hesitation to move with him. It’s a company that I think fits well with his approach to financial advice; I never feel he is selling me something; he simply tells me the facts and provides helpful advice.

What areas of financial assistance were you looking for from Chris?

I was primarily looking for some support with retirement planning. I wanted to grow my pension pot without impacting on my lifestyle. I was looking for a solution that allowed me to save for the future but continue enjoying life now.

How did Chris help?

Together, Chris and I devised a personalised financial plan. He made sure he understood my circumstances including existing retirement savings, property I owned in the UK, and other savings and investment plans I had in place. One of the first things Chris helped me do was consolidate my UK retirement savings. Like many people, I had accumulated several pension pots during my career; once I had them in one place, it was much easier to see what I had and how much I needed to save. Like most people, I don’t want to work forever. So, for me, retirement planning is one of the most important ways Chris has helped. However, because he took the time to understand my full financial situation first, Chris also keeps me updated on any changes to legislation or tax which could impact me here or in the UK.

Would you use Chris again in the future?

Hopefully it’s a long way off, but when the worst does happen I want to make sure my finances are structured properly and that my family benefits from what I leave behind. This is something I know Chris will help me with in the future. In the meantime, I see my relationship with Chris continuing for the foreseeable future, and I’ve recommended him to several of my friends too.

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