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How you can help: environmental groups in Hong Kong

By: Melissa Stevens

We all love hitting the harbour on a junk, or spending a day hiking in the city’s stunning scenery. But the problem of pollution in Hong Kong’s environment is all too frequently evident. It can be seen in the waste in the ocean, as well as in the amount of litter and the poor air quality. Fortunately, there are many environmental groups in Hong Kong doing their bit to reduce and eradicate pollution. What’s even better is that they welcome volunteers, so we can all pitch in to make a difference!

There are a number of different environmental groups in Hong Kong which need volunteers
There are a number of different environmental groups in Hong Kong which need volunteers

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Clean Air Network

The Hong Kong Clean Air Network is an independent, non-government organisation. Its’ mission to engage the public to speak out about the impacts of pollution on Hong Kong and ensure policy changes are made to improve air quality. Their current primary focus is roadside pollution and making the community aware of the negative impacts on health as a result. They have volunteers from all walks of life, providing support in a range of ways from office-based tasks to on-site campaigning.

World Wide Fund for Nature Hong Kong

The Hong Kong chapter of this global group upholds the World Wide Fund for Nature’s mission to look at the impact of people on the environment. They have a number of community programs, such as Walk for Nature or Run for Change, and also manage the Mai Po Nature Reserve. They welcome volunteers in a number of different ways, ranging from office assistance to fundraising and even field work at sites such as Mai Po. Their website has details of current volunteer vacancies.

Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth (HK) began its is one of the established environmental groups in Hong Kong, beginning its operations in 1983. It has a well-developed program of initiatives which address the key pillars of air, energy, waste and water. The non-government organisation aim to create a healthy and sustainable environment for all in Hong Kong by protecting the environment and fostering environmentally sustainable policies. Their website details the way the public can get involved, from an individual to a corporate level.

Hong Kong Cleanup

The Hong Kong Cleanup has been coordinating community cleanups and other educational activities in Hong Kong since 2000. Volunteers collect rubbish and then compile data to raise awareness of about the local and global debris issue. The group runs the Annual Cleanup Challenge, which runs from 1 January to 1 December and is open to the general public. It also organises specific event events for community and corporate groups.

Ark Eden Foundation

Ark Eden is one of the more specialised of the environmental groups in Hong Kong with a specific focus on Lantau Island. It is committed to ensuring Lantau’s natural environment is protected and promoted. It aims to preserve the island’s ecological, geographical, historical and cultural heritage by encouraging the following of a sustainable lifestyle. The group organises educational and eco-tourism opportunities for children, adults, residents and tourists. It welcomes volunteers.

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