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Tips for eating out with toddlers

Let’s be honest, eating out with toddlers can be a testing experience. With a couple of two- or three-year-olds in tow, you can forget about enjoying uninterrupted adult conversation over a glass of wine at your favourite local diner. But here are some strategies for at least making the meal more pleasant!

#1 Time your visit right

Too tired and they’ll be cranky; past their feeding time and they’ll be hungry (and irritable). Trust your instincts, and if you have an ominous feeling about the impending meal, turn around, head home and order a takeaway!

Toddler table manners

#2 Choose the right venue

There are tons of kid-friendly restaurants in Hong Kong, and you’ll find lots of them reviewed on our website. Many of these spots are tried and tested by our very own mummy writers!

#3 Be realistic about their attention span

Let’s face it: your toddler is just discovering the world and its myriad of amazing things on offer; why on earth would they want to sit at a table for any length of time? Thirty minutes could be a new record for many families.

#4 Bring activities

Occupy the little ones with colouring books, puzzles or toy cars – whichever they fancy. Keep them happy and entertained, and you’ll be less prone to melt-downs in the middle of dinner time.

#5 Don’t sweat the small stuff

If a plate of pasta ends up on the carpet rather than in your toddler’s mouth, it’s best to learn not to worry too much. If the venue is truly child-friendly, they should understand. Take it easy, and accept that mess is completely normal.

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