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Must-see female artists at ACAS

By: Rebecca Simpson

Female artists are taking the spotlight at the 15th Asia Contemporary Art Show, opening on 4 October. Works by female artists from Hong Kong and around the world will be on display at the Conrad Hong Kong from 4 to 7 October. Here, we celebrate three trailblazing female artists you shouldn’t miss. (And read on for our special free ticket offer to the show!)

Jessie Siu (Hong Kong)

This female artist from Hong Kong conveys the expressive spirit of the Taoist and Existentialist worldview through her art. Jessie Siu is a philosophy postgraduate whose work of art shows heavy influence of both Western and Chinese philosophy. Interestingly, she is largely a self-taught artist who did not formally study art. She refers to herself as a philosopher with the wings of a painter and says, “As a self-taught artist, I’ve developed my own particular artistic style dubbed ‘Transcendental Impressionism’.” Beautiful.

See Jessie’s work here.


Katherine Filice (United States)

This unique artist explores and questions the tension in human relationships and social systems through surreal symbolism and a provocative style. Katherine pushes the technical possibilities of a simple curved line, while asking us to think more deeply and share more openly as she exposes not only the creative zeitgeist of her inner world, but our collective spiritual awakening. She says, “I am driven, compelled, to investigate and understand the human condition, relationships, to cast a light on what we keep hidden, to draw a line that awakens those around me, to challenge their perception of reality, to transform their thinking, to push the viewer beyond reason and through a door of provocation.”

Sharing some insight into her work, Katherine says, “I use a surreal, point-of-departure approach, and a very unique, detailed pen-and-ink technique. My meditative drawings take anywhere from 50 to well over a 100 hours to complete. Someone once told me it’s like I am ‘peeling back the skin’, but it is oddly beautiful.”

See Katherine’s work here.


Shazia Imran (Australia)

Shazia Imran is best known for her expressive mixed media pieces. If you’ve been to the Asia Contemporary Art Show, you might recognise some of her striking Hong Kong cityscapes. She’s a celebrated and successful artist who has not only won many international awards, but her work is shown in public and private collections in the USA, the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Australia. Her delicately multilayered paintings explore the connections between landscape, memory and the subconscious through texture and the interplay of light and dark, creating an atmosphere that opens itself up to multiple meanings.

See Shazia’s work here.


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Asia Contemporary Art Show Details

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