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  • Hong Kong Psychological Services

    Hong Kong Psychological Services has served the people of Hong Kong since 2001. We are a group of highly experienced and qualified mental health professionals and committed to provide high quality mental health care and support. Services: clinical psychology, psychotherapy, art therapy and counselling service Languages available: English, French, Chinese, Hindi Contact us at +852 2810 1993 or for enquiry or appointment

  • Mineralysis – Hong Kong Food Allergy Test and Drug Test Expert

    Mineralysis have been providing service in Hong Kong since 1998 via its highly accurate and reliable hair, urine and blood test for screening of heavy metal poisoning, mineral imbalance, drug abuse and food allergy. We also provide genetic DNA test to check for personalised nutritional requirement, fitness status, sport type and injury risk. We integrate Western Nutrition and Traditional Chinese Medicine Food Therapy as the basis for nutritional consultation.