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DiningCity Restaurant Week returns to Hong Kong

Time to undo the belt a few notches! DiningCity’s Restaurant Week returns again this month (starting 21 February), offering great bargains at dozens of Hong Kong’s best eating establishments. Throughout the week, exclusive restaurant menus will be available from as little as $98 for lunch and $258 for dinner. Expat Living spoke with two leading chefs looking forward to Restaurant Week.


Name: Russell Doctrove
Restaurant: Fish & Meat
Job: Head chef
From: Hong Kong (half British, half Dominican)
Years in HK: 28


Describe your restaurant in one sentence
Quality ingredients prepared with minimal fuss while packing a lot of flavour.

Has the restaurant participated in Restaurant Week before?
No, we just opened in November. But the team is excited to showcase all the hard work and effort we’ve put in to Fish & Meat. We think it’s the perfect balance between food, cocktails, wine and atmosphere.

What are you looking forward to most about Restaurant Week this month?
Simply being accessible to the public so that they can experience what we’re so proud of over here at Fish & Meat. My kitchen team works extremely hard and we just want people to leave feeling satisfied and content.

Will you offer your normal menu or will there be some differences?
I don’t like to plan to far ahead with menus, though I may decide to add a few specials to the current menu just to keep diners on their toes. But you’ll have to wait and see!

Name two dishes you recommend customers to try.
For sure the homemade porchetta which we make every morning, as well as the soft duck-egg raviolo with ricotta and burnt sage butter. This has already become one of our most popular dishes.

What’s your favourite…
food? Asian food: Thai, Japanese, Sichuan, Korean barbecue – you name it!
ingredient? Coriander. Most people I know hate it but there is something refreshing about it. I love it so much I even use it in omelettes with my English breakfast.
utensil? Spoon. I always have one on me and I use it while cooking and plating. I can always tell if someone is going to go far in my kitchen based on whether or not they carry a spoon with them as it shows me that they are also constantly tasting.
local dish? Char siu fan. That combination of roasted honey-glazed meat, fat and rice wins me over every time.
home-cooked dish? Pasta. I tell everyone that I could literally eat pasta once a day for the rest of my life and never get sick of it and its true!


Name: Lana Pemiga Oliveiro
Restaurant: Uno Duo Trio – Lana’s Italian Home-cooking
Job: Chef and restaurateur
From: Portugal
Years in HK: 30

Describe your restaurant in one sentence.

Recreating the wonders made by generations of Italian mothers in a relaxed environment.

Has the restaurant participated in Restaurant Week before?
Yes, and we loved the experience! Through Restaurant Week we were introduced to many new foodies who later became our loyal patrons.

What are you looking forward to most about this month’s Restaurant Week?
We can’t wait to showcase our Italian regional menu for people to experience local Italian regional delicacies without having to travel the miles.

Will you offer your normal menu or will there be some differences?
The menu will be consistent with what we always serve: simple, honest and uncomplicated dishes like those made in Italy.

Name two dishes you recommend customers to try.
Our pasta – freshly made by hand – and our amazing desserts!

What’s your favourite…
food? Peking duck.
ingredient? Garlic.
utensil? Spatula
local dish? Rice in a clay pot.
home-cooked dish? Any food I never get tired of.


Restaurant Week runs from Friday 21 February to Sunday 2 March. Bookings can only be made online at, from 4pm on 17 February. For more information about Dining City, visit