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Why a diamond makes a perfect gift

Whether you are looking for a Christmas gift that’s guaranteed to delight, a bauble for a birthday or something sparkly for a special occasion, you can’t go wrong with a diamond. A diamond is not only a gift for now, it’s an investment for years – and possibly even generations to come. Which is why choosing and purchasing a precious stone needs to be carefully considered. The team at The Diamond Registry understand this and can take the stress out of the process. Choose a beautiful stone from a worldwide diamond inventory and get rings, necklaces, bracelets and pendants made to your personalised specifications. Best of all? It all comes at highly affordable wholesale prices as you purchase close to the source.

How it works

The Diamond Registry is an international diamond matchmaker that has been operating since 1961. They have opened the doors for the private sector to source a wide range of loose gems worldwide from the diamond manufacturers inventory. Cutting out the middleman means you can purchase diamonds free of retail mark-up prices that can save you up to 50 percent compared to high-end retail stores.

To top it all off, they provide the freedom to create personalised jewelry with their in-house jewellers. Each design you have in mind is possible, so let your inner jewellery designer out!

They have a comprehensive website that’s full of information, advice and guidance, and where you can get free price quotes on a stone that fits your specifications. They welcome clients to their Chiu Lung Street, Central where you can ask questions, browse stones and discuss designs.

Gorgeous gifts

You can find all sizes, shapes and colours at The Diamond Registry when it comes to choosing the perfect stone. The experienced team will work with you to meet your taste and budget, all while sharing useful tips. Because they have access to such a large inventory, you can view a range of options during a visit, making it easier to compare your options. The in-house jewellers will then turn your choice into a unique, customised piece.

The in-house team can also be called on to upgrade an existing piece. For example, you may wish to upgrade your current diamond to a larger size, or upgrade your ring setting by using sidestones.

One of the benefits of The Diamond Registry is seeing a huge range of choices
One of the benefits of The Diamond Registry is seeing a huge range of choices all at once, making it easier to compare and make your decision

What to look for

At The Diamond Registry you are not only getting the best diamond in your budget, but their experienced team advises and educates you along the way, creating understanding and knowledge on what your buying. You’ll leave The Diamond Registry fully educated to empower your future purchases.

When it comes to choosing a loose stone many aspects are important to take into consideration. But to get you started here are the most influencing characteristics of the value, the 4CS. These are:

#1 Carat

The weight is expressed in carats. One carat is fixed at 0.2g and is divided into 100 points. For example, a gem weighing a quarter of a carat can be described as 25 points or .25 carats. Prices are expressed as price per carat.

#2 Clarity

The clarity refers to how clear or ‘clean’ the stone is. As diamonds come from deep within the earth they are not all the same and ‘clean’. The most desirable clarity is flawless, meaning no inclusions or blemishes even when a skilled grader uses a 10x magnification loupe. The clarity scale is a measure of those imperfections. Imperfections can be internal ‘inclusions’, or external ‘blemishes’. These two categories make up clarity. The fewer the imperfections, the rarer and more valuable the gem.

#3 Cut

The cut of a stone is the only one of the 4C’s which is influenced by human hand and is what gives the stone the ability to reflect light from one internal facet to another, giving it its ‘brilliance’. The proportions, symmetry, polish and shape all have influence on the diamond’s reflective character and value.

#4 Colour

Less is more when it comes to colourless diamonds. Absence of colour is most desirable for colourless diamonds, while coloured diamonds get more valuable based on the intensity of the colour. The colour scale for colourless diamonds ranges from D (colourless) to Z (light yellow or sometimes brown).

For more advice on choosing the right certified diamond below market price and creating a custom piece of jewellery contact the team at The Diamond Registry. Happy holiday shopping!

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