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Design and make your own wedding ring

Want to make sure your wedding ring is one-of-a-kind? Design and craft your own wedding band at Hong Kong’s award winning jeweller, a family owned and run business, nestled in the Central district.

We visit the Bee’s Diamonds studio, to talk with resident gemologist Rendy Ng on how they guide couples in designing their own pieces, and why adding a personal touch is so important.

Hand-crafted in the workshop at Bee's Diamonds, Unit 1502, 15th Floor, The Centre, 99 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong
Hand-crafted in the workshop at Bee’s Diamonds, Unit 1502, 15th Floor, The Centre, 99 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong

Who are Bee’s Diamonds?

You really can’t turn a corner in Hong Kong without walking past huge shop fronts filled to the brim with beautiful sparkling diamonds -– they are everywhere! You may not be familiar with the name Bee’s Diamonds, as they’re usually working quietly behind the scenes. They’ve been diamond wholesalers for three generations. This highly reputable jeweller has also worked with the biggest names in the industry, like famous HK jeweller, Chow Tai Fook and the internationally acclaimed jewellery designer, Anna Hu.

Bee’s Diamonds prides itself as an award-winning diamond supplier and bespoke jeweller, being the first (and so far, the only) diamond supplier in HK who has won numerous awards in customer service (e.g. SCMP Customer Service Award, Hong Kong Industries of Awards). Pretty impressive!

making jewellery in hong kong bee's diamonds
Book onto one of Bee’s Diamond’s couple-making workshops. It’s only hour long so you can fit it into your work day and be back to the office in a jiffy!

Couple’s jewellery making workshop

Bee’s recently decided to take their passion for customer service a step further by allowing their clients to have a hands-on experience of making their own special piece of jewellery, like a wedding ring. During their hour-long (champagne fuelled!) workshop, couples can create their own one-off piece of jewellery.

“With this workshop we can help the customer create something with so much more sentimental value,” explains Rendy. “It really makes the piece unique. Our customers can experience something far more memorable and personal than the usual process of buying jewellery – whether it’s their own wedding bands or a gift for their loved one.”

During the workshop two people can design and carve their own piece. All the equipment (including the bubbly!) is laid out for them to play with, under the instruction of a highly qualified jeweller. Now, that’s one way to spend your lunch hour!

Don’t worry if you’ve no prior jewellery making experience –  attendees don’t have to know anything about crafting jewellery. Bee’s artisans (with English translator) will guide you from beginning to end and have you looking a pro within the hour!

If you’re looking for a special way to tell someone you love them, what better way than to craft them a forever keepsake with your personal touch?


Rendy gives us her top 5 tips to consider when designing your own wedding band or engagement ring:

1. Choose a very experienced, licensed personal gemologist and jeweller
Your piece of jewellery may last for a lifetime, it’s a mark for your special occasion and perhaps a milestone, so you will need a trustworthy jeweller you can come back to for repairs, annual checks and perhaps redesigning.

2. Have your piece made in a HK workshop
This will make life easier when you are going through the decision making process of designing your special ring. You will have much more control.

3. Have the piece handcrafted
Technology can aid in many aspects of life and modern day production, but when it comes to crafting details there is nothing like bespoke pieces, made completely by hand.

4. Choose a design that you will like in the next 10 years
Usually re-designing a ring happens around the 15th and 20th wedding anniversaries (and beyond). Trends come and go, so it’s much better to choose something you will enjoy for the next 10 years at least.

5. Don’t resize your ring during pregnancy
A lot of women get upset that they are unable to wear their ring during pregnancy (or due to swelling from the HK heat).  Don’t resize your ring during pregnancy or after the first month of being here. Hold off and be patient! You will return to your normal ring size, and a ring can only withstand being re-sized a few times adequately.

Rendy’s final thought:  If you cannot find the ideal width or perfectly matching wedding ring with the engagement ring, do consider making your own so that it’s a perfect fit like a tailored suit. It’s a ring that you will wear everyday, so it needs to fit like chopsticks! Plus, when you are crafting the ring, you can furnish the size and width and feel for yourself what measurements and thickness feels better.

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