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Want to start your own art collection?

By: Aoife Mackenzie

Do you dream of starting, or expanding, a personal art collection? If you’re interested in mingling with art connoisseurs, in an unassuming atmosphere, it’s worth stopping by this month’s Asia Contemporary Art Show. The Show – Asia’s longest running and most successful hotel art exhibition – returns to Hong Kong for its 13th showcase at the hotel Conrad Hong Kong, beginning on 28 September. This year’s edition will host over 50 participating artists and present unique, collectible works from over 80 galleries: original paintings, exclusive editions, sculpture and photography by some of the world’s emerging and most established artists.

As well as enhancing your home, building an art collection can be a shrewd investment and a creative way to expand your portfolio. We know that the prospect of pooling a considerable amount of money into the art world can be daunting but, luckily, the Asia Contemporary Art Show experts are on hand to help you navigate the best route to return on investment.

To ensure bang for your buck, “the motivation is certainly different for every collector,” Asia Contemporary Art Show Director Mark Saunderson says. He references the approach of Japanese collector, Keita Komiyama, whose process “is both planned as well as organic” and he “collects what appeals to him,” he says.

image of art at Asia Contemporary Art Show
Splash of Passion by Shozo Shimamoto

The Show’s specialists suggest reviewing an artist’s résumé, as an indicator of their strengths and aesthetic preferences. Next, they advise delving in to the artist’s exhibit history, to ascertain their reputation and accolades, and whether notable institutions have acquired their pieces. Lastly, it is prudent to observe sale at auction, as an indicator of the artist’s credibility. As a first step in accumulating a collection, experts such as Jonathan Macey, CEO and Founder of Macey & Sons, will be on site to provide guidance on art investment strategies.

The upcoming Show has been curated to introduce a range of fascinating artists to prospective buyers including; Lau Chun Tao and Chow Chi Shen from Hong Kong, Chinese sculptor Wang Liwei, Taiwanese artist Hong-Hsin Chen, British urban contemporary artist D*Face, Irish artist Vincent Devine and Aung Myint, Myanmar’s pioneering performing and experimental artist.

Works by other contemporary, internationally-recognised artists, are also worth perusing. Seong Taejin, from South Korea, will be exhibiting his popular hyper-textured, brightly-coloured wood panels, which sell well at auction. You can check out China’s Su Xianzhong’s Blanc de Chine ceramic sculpture, “Paper”, recently acquired by the Victoria & Albert Museum; and Aung Myint’s paintings, collected by major institutions including the Guggenheim. Representing Japan are Shozo Shimamoto, who brings his “bottle crash” technique works, collected by the Tate Gallery, and Nobuyoshi Araki, who is one of the country’s most renowned photographers.

Beginning on Friday, 28 September, arts patrons and select guests will be welcomed to the show at an exclusive private viewing. This will be followed by an invitation-only Collectors Preview. General admission opens on Saturday, 29 September and continues with regular show hours until Monday, 1 October.

Whether you’re interested in browsing or buying, you can find more information about The Asia Contemporary Art Show on their website. Tickets for general admission at HK$270 are available from HK Ticketing.

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