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Coffee buzz: Four top cafes in Sai Kung neighbourhood, New Territories

Writers agree, we all need our morning caffeine fix faster than you can say “zhou san!”  Stop moping around in a daze and check out these four top cafes in Sai Kung to get your coffee buzz on.

Colour Brown

Colour Brown
Casual décor, dog-friendly and the coffee here has a good reputation. The staff are great and work hard to make you feel comfortable. They are also great with kids.
G/F, 34 See Cheung Street, 2791 7128

There are Classifieds dotted all around Hong Kong. This Classified has the same relaxing environment, a great kids’ menu and is a good spot in Sai Kung if you want a cheerful lunch and a good coffee.
G/F, 5 Sha Tsui Path, 2529 3454

Sai Kung Coffee and Bakery


Sai Kung Coffee & Bakery
Here you will find a small, more basic café and bakery, good for an afternoon snack and coffee. Most people take theirs away, but you can get a table if you need to recuperate. The egg tarts are to die for.
G/F, 6-7 Kam Po Court, 2 Hoi Pong Square, 2792 3861

More than junk: Jaspa’s Sai Kung


Jaspa’s Beach Club
An all-day excursion in itself. This is definitely off the beaten track but it’s a great family spot and a trusty menu. After your meal and coffee, hit the beach for some beach volleyball and make the most of the gorgeous surroundings.
Hai Island, Sai Kung Country Park, 2792 4733