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8 people you’ll meet in a co-working space

Got a business idea and want to be your own boss? Take advantage of the ease of establishing your own company in Hong Kong, as well as the support infrastructure. A co-working space in Hong Kong provides entrepreneurs and small enterprises with the benefits of a flexible office, without the crippling costs. Here, the team from TheDesk details some typical users.

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1. Mamapreneur/Papapreneur

This type of co-working member has a business or side project that is gaining momentum; they have a casual membership and usually live quite close by.

2. The adventurous CEO

This member is on-trend when it comes to work-life balance, invests heavily in a team and breathes new life into traditional businesses.

3. Skill merchants

Teachers, designers, counsellors and creatives often base themselves in the space while organising repeat workshops, projects and events.

TheDesk - Co-working spaces Hong Kong

4. Experienced seeking new

This type of individual has worked in a big business for many years and has decided to go it alone and start something new.

5. Next-gen start-up

A maturing start-up with a solid base may use the space while looking to expand their professional network.

6. Satellite office staff

The owner/founder may be based elsewhere and want his or her staff to feel part of a wider community.

TheDesk - Co-working spaces Hong Kong

7. Too close, too far

Co-working spaces close to home can suit people who don’t want to do a big commute every day.

8. Company in flux

Expanding, contracting or even closing down? Flexible plans can grow (and contract) with your requirements.

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