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How much do you know about Hong Kong? Find out with this trivia challenge!

#1 Match each attraction with Ocean Park or Disneyland: Mystic Manor, Mine Train, Raging River, Orbitron

#2 Has Hong Kong ever experienced a negative Celsius temperature?

#3 What food is commonly eaten around the Dragon Boat Festival?

#4 Pui Pui is the name of what type of “celebrity” animal at Hong Kong Wetland Park?

#5 Who won the 2019 Hong Kong Sevens rugby tournament, and who did they beat in the final?

#6 Rank these islands in order of size of population, from biggest to smallest: Lamma, Lantau, Cheng Chau

#7 What is the name of Hong Kong’s richest person?

#8 Which MTR stations have the following anagrams: A Blowy Nook, Guys In Pain, I Ate A Yum?

#9 Name the two Signal 10 typhoons to hit Hong Kong in 2017 and 2018.

#10 Double-decker trams began operating on Hong Kong’s streets in which year: 1931, 1955, 1904?

#11 What is the official flower of Hong Kong?

#12 The Big Buddha on Lantau weighs 105, 250 or 810 tonnes?

#13 Bruce Lee’s final completed performance prior to his death was in which 1973 Hong Kong film?

#14 Which common Hong Kong item features a Möbius strip as its logo?

#15 What shape are the unique rock pillars of Hong Kong’s Geopark?

#16 How many athletes did Hong Kong send to compete in the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea?

#17 How old is the Duk Ling junk, 18, 49 or 64 years?

#18 How many blue Lantau taxis are in operation, 75, 105 or 145?

#19 In 2011, Hong Kong’s McDonald’s restaurants became the first in the world to offer what kind of special service?

#20 Which of these items is not considered a “taboo” gift in Hong Kong: umbrella, fountain pen, shoes, handkerchief?

Scroll down for the answers!! 

Hong Kong harbourHong Kong harbour

#1 Disneyland, Ocean Park, Ocean Park, Disneyland
#2 No; on the morning of 18 January 1893, the temperature got down to 0.0 degrees Celsius, which remains the record for Hong Kong’s lowest reading ever
#3 Zongzi
#4 Crocodile
#5 Fiji defeated France, 21-7
#6 Lantau, Cheng Chau, Lamma
#7 Li-Ka Shing (net worth: HK$265 billion)
#8 Kowloon Bay, Sai Ying Pun, Yau Ma Tei
#9 Hato and Mangkhut
#10 1904
#11 Bauhinia
#12 250 tonnes
#13 Enter the Dragon
#14 Octopus card
#15 Hexagonal
#16 One, alpine skier Arabella Ng
#17 64 years (it was built in Macau in 1955)
#18 75
#19 Weddings
#20 Fountain pen

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