Movies to watch this Christmas

Looking for a great Christmas movie to entertain your little ones? We went to the source for some recommendations – kids themselves! Read on for the must-watch holiday flicks, recommended by kids and by members of the Expat Living staff!


“This is one of my favourite Christmas movies because it makes me laugh so much and it makes me feel awesome! Elf, who is called Buddy, is like a kid in an adult’s body. He goes to New York from Santa’s Workshop in the North Pole to find his Dad. My favourite parts were when Elf chugs a large two-litre bottle of Coke in ten seconds and then he lets out a twelve-second-long and a loud burp! I also like the part where he thinks a short man is an elf and the man gets so angry with him that he jumps onto the table then leaps onto Elf. Then they fall over and it’s so funny. There is another part where he is too tall for the Santa’s Workshop and he is massive and bashes all the guys over. In the end, Buddy and his Dad get along and Buddy saves Santa. You have to watch this movie. I would rate it 9.999999/10!”
– Stanley Good (9)

The Holiday

“This one is one of my favourites ones to get me in the festive spirt. There’s an absolutely solid cast with Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, Jack Black and Kate Winslet. It all begins with two girls from different countries who swap homes for the holidays to get away from their relationship issues. It’s funny and charming – watch it!”
– Michaela Bisset

A Christmas Carol

“I like this movie because it’s Christmas time in London and everybody’s happy – except Scrooge. He is a stingy man and is bitter about Christmas and the spirit of giving. He just can’t stand the thought of spending his glorious money. His clerk is almost the opposite of him. He doesn’t own much, but he always has a smile on his face. Scrooge will not celebrate the happiness around him until he is visited by his old, dead business partner who warns him about changing his ways. I enjoy watching how Scrooge is accompanied by three spirits looking into his past, present and future, and how he changes his ways”.
– Elisabeth Demichelis (9)

Dinner for One

“Every New Year’s Eve, we watch Dinner for One, a 1963 black-and-white sketch comedy that never ceases to make me laugh out loud!”
– Danielle Rossetti

Home Alone

Home Alone is a film that me and my family love to watch together at Christmas. It’s a funfilled, action-packed, hilarious movie for anyone who loves to watch silly comedies. The main character is a young boy called Kevin who is accidentally left ‘home alone’ in his house by his huge family in their rush to get to the airport for their annual family Christmas holiday. While they are away, two burglars plan to rob their house without realising that Kevin is still inside. Kevin has to come up with tricks and pranks to stop them every time they try to get in. It’s my favourite movie because it makes me howl with laughter when the two robbers just fall right into all of Kevin’s funny and clever traps. Will he be able to put an end to these two naughty thieves? Watch it and find out… ”
– William McCuin (9)

“It’s a classic!”
–Lindsay Yap

Arthur Christmas

“This is an incredible movie. The big, high-tech sleigh must deliver two billion presents on the current Santa’s very last mission. While that is happening, Arthur gets a letter from a girl who lives at Mimosa Avenue and wants a pink twinkle bike for Christmas. An elf called Bryony finds a present that has not been delivered. So, Arthur, Grandsanta and Bryony go on the old sleigh to give the little girl her present. They have a lot of trouble on their way. First, they lose a reindeer, then they head to the wrong Mimosa Avenue. At the end, they arrive but the sun is up… I recommend this Christmas movie to people who like adventure, humour and happy endings. This movie is great for people of all ages.”
– Amelie Follett (9)

Christmas Chronicles

“This movie is about a brother and sister who make a plan to capture Santa on Christmas Eve. The plan doesn’t go accordingly so the children get together with Santa and his elves to save Christmas. I enjoyed watching this because the action makes you feel like you’re actually a part of the movie itself. Another part I like about the movie is that it makes me believe that Santa is really an actual real person.”
– Neha Basra (10)

Harry Potter

“During the holidays, I love watching any of the Harry Potter movies because they remind me of the UK – grand scenes of the British countryside, often snowy, with lots of magic woven in.”
– Amy Brook-Partridge

Love Actually

“No matter your age, you can relate to the characters in Love Actually and what they are experiencing – unrequited love, betrayal, romance and, above all, hope. It’s set around Christmas time, so it’s the perfect Christmas movie. With so many of the top British actors in it, it’s got to be good – and it’s always nice to have a change from the generic Hollywood bunch. There’s going to be at least one character you can relate to – Bill Nighy is mine. It must be because I’m also an old groover!’
– Rebecca Bisset

It’s a Wonderful Life

“To me, Christmas isn’t Christmas without watching the story of George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) learning that his seemingly unimportant life has had major impact on all those around him. My mom and I used to snuggle up on the couch and watch this black and white classic every year. Now? I’m planning to introduce it to my kids this year, snuggling my own kids and feeling like my mom is right there with us.”
– Melinda Murphy

The Nightmare Before Christmas

“Tim Burton’s stop-motion animations are always magical (if a bit macabre) and the same goes for The Nightmare Before Christmas! It’s less campy than most other Christmas films but still manages to be delightfully amusing, with some fun musical numbers.”
– Cherylene Chan

Four Christmases

“I love Four Christmases. The dysfunctional family madness is always entertaining, and the church nativity scene (‘swaddle that baby!’) is laugh-out-loud hilarious every time I watch it.”
– Amy Greenburg


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