Christmas gifts that change girls’ lives

If you’re looking for a gift with purpose, we have found a fabulous option. They even deliver in Hong Kong if you order online by 19 December.

This week, we heard Miyabi Holm share her initiative, Bahini. This brand helps survivors of sex-trafficking by teaching women new skills and employing them to use these new skills. The business model creates an empowering circular economy. Bahini teaches women in Nepal, all survivors of sex-trafficking, to make truly beautiful scarves. The money raised from scarf sales provides life-long scholarships for young girls who have survived the horrors of sex-trafficking, some as young as seven.

Miyabi Holm shares more details of these gifts with purpose.

What is the mission of Bahini?

The mission of Bahini is to empower survivors of sex-trafficking with independence and a life of freedom. All while creating high quality scarves that don’t harm our planet or its inhabitants.

What makes your initiative stand out from others?

What differentiates us from other brands is that we have created a circular economy in our mission. We employ older survivors of sex-trafficking at carefully selected Fair Trade certified partners, where they are trained how to weave scarves, get a fair pay and have good work conditions. With each scarf we sell, we donate our profit to educational scholarships for young survivors and to girls at risk. So with the help of our customers, older survivors can empower themselves with an independent life while also helping their younger sisters to a life of freedom.

Bahini scarfs are soft and truly beautiful, what makes your product such great quality?

Everything in our scarves is handmade. The bamboo linen is locally sourced and hand spun, plants are seasonally harvested and made into dyes, the weaving is done in a hand loom that doesn’t require any electricity. So from yarn to finished product, everything has been done by hand without the use of any harmful chemicals. We know this is quite rare as mass production and over consumption of fast fashion has made us spoiled with cheap goods.

Do you deliver in Hong Kong? What’s the cut off for Christmas?

Our warehouse is based in HK and we offer free shipping! To ensure you will get your scarf before Christmas, I’d say that it’s safest to order before the 19th!

Buy your scarf today at mybahini.com.

If you’re inspired to purchase this gift with purpose, order online here: mybahini.com

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