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Your A-Z guide to the Prestige Fairs

This year’s Christmas Prestige Fairs are set to be bigger and better than ever, with thousands of products from around the world in a ballroom full of pop-up shops. Here’s an alphabetical insight into just some of the super Christmas and holiday shopping on offer.

What: The Prestige Christmas Lifestyle & Gift Fairs
When: 10am to 8pm, Monday 12 November, Wednesday 21 November, Monday 26 November and Tuesday 11 December (see individual items below for participation dates)
Where: Grand Ballroom, Conrad Hong Kong

Art Futures group

The world’s leading investment broker for Chinese contemporary art, Art Futures Group helps its clients profit from portfolios containing the art market’s most exceptional finds. The team has comprehensive knowledge of market developments and a financial acumen built on more than two decades of experience in alternative assets. Their services cater to collectors and connoisseurs as well as individual investors and institutions seeking to balance their portfolios. 21 Nov, 26 Nov, 11 Dec

Prestige Fairs - Futures Art Group

Book Wise

British expat Sara and her daughters loved reading so much that they wanted to share the magic of books with others. They decided to run a shop where they would curate and hand-select every wondrous story that they sold – and so Book Wise was born! From encyclopaedias to board books, and cook books to fiction, every item here has been chosen and recommended by them. 12 Nov, 21 Nov, 26 Nov

Cacao Chocolates

Handmade, luxury, guilt-free chocolates made from freshly ground cocoa nibs and other ethically sourced, environmentally friendly ingredients are the name of the game at Cacao, a family-run business. The team is deeply committed to taste, quality, looking after the environment, and social responsibility – for them, “guilt free” is not about calorie intake but bigger issues: not supporting the exploitation of children, and minimising environmental harm. 12  Nov, 21 Nov, 11 Dec

Deep Lake Beddings

These bedding products aren’t silk but they’re equally smooth and breathable. They’re made of 100 percent bamboo fibre – also known as vegan silk – and certified to be manufactured responsibly. The bamboo’s natural cooling effect initiates sleepiness and its anti-bacterial element keeps the sheets fresh even during Hong Kong’s most humid days. The aesthetic is kept simple – earth-tone colours, minimalist design and no overwhelming choices – and the prices are attractive too. 12 Nov, 26 Nov

Esmé Parish Silver

At Esmé Parish, you’ll find a unique mix of Western, Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Burmese export silver. With just a glance, the magic of art and craft makes its presence felt in every masterful piece. The range spans an extensive antique collection plus modern and contemporary pieces that would make wonderful gifts or great personal possessions. The Esmé Parish team retains a personal touch and enjoys the process of curating, selecting and sharing the stories attached to the silver. Wedding gifts are a specialty. 21 Nov, 26 Nov, 11 Dec

Prestige Fairs - esme Parish

Food for Life

Food for Life believes that you are what you eat, and in today’s crazy world it’s essential to eat well in order to live well. This means eating fresh, natural foods and incorporating the necessary supplements to fill in the nutrient gaps that foods are missing today. The team also strongly believes that being an educated consumer is key to achieving optimum health. Their health experts and nutritionists have done the research and made the comparisons to offer the best health products and the most up-to-date health knowledge. 26 Nov

Gift Something

The ultimate one-stop premium online retailer in Hong Kong, Gift Something offers a unique collection of gifts from stylish flower bouquets and fresh floral arrangements to deliciously indulgent gourmet delights, luxury baby products, novelty accessories and more. They specialise in international and exclusive brand names that aren’t available on the Hong Kong market, so you can be sure that your gift is stylish and unique. 11 Dec

Handmade Dolls by Fa Harrington

These uniquely hand-crafted dolls with their own couture clothes are designed and created along the same principles as boutique clothing. They’re sustainably made in England, and something you can treasure for years to come. It was the practical demonstration of making these dolls that kick-started Fashion Project Hong Kong, which aims to fill a gap in the offerings of fashion workshops in the city, providing access to a flexible way of learning clothing design and construction. 11 Dec

Prestige Fairs -Fa Harrington

IQ Toys

IQ Toys has been going strong for 20 years, serving a niche market in Hong Kong by supplying book stores, toy shops, museum stores, party shops and department stores with products. The items are chosen for their creativity and fun – from Green Science to delightful DIY projects and construction kits, with something for toddlers to older teens and adults. They have participated as wholesalers and distributors at the Conrad Fairs for many years, and they’re looking forward to promoting their latest toys to customers. 26 Nov, 11 Dec

Prestige Fairs -IQ Toys

J. Harper Collection

This Hong Kong-based luxury jewellery brand celebrates the individuality of opals through modern designs. Opals hold a special place in the founder’s heart, not only because of her upbringing but also because these rare gemstones symbolise individuality. All the designs use unique opal stones directly sourced from Australian mines that are owned and maintained by the founder’s father. Production takes place in her own studio, where every stone is cut and faceted by hand from rough. 26 Nov, 11 Dec

Prestige Fairs - Harper

Keeps It Simple

The goal of Keeps It Simple is to put a smile on everyone’s face. Their mantra is “Love is beautiful, keeps it simple” and their goal has always been to create something that can last forever; just like their first preserved flower collection. It may be a complex operation for them, but it’s all kept very simple for you, the shopper. 21 Nov, 11 Dec

Prestige Fairs - Keep It Simple

Little Days Shop

Little Days is an online shop that carries creative and bespoke products designed to bring imagination and joy into any home. These are unique home décor items and gifts you won’t find anywhere else, with a collection of bespoke items that includes best-selling teepees that can be embroidered with any name. A creative wood section includes fun wooden name plaques, cake toppers and party décor, and you’ll also find personalised blankets in mini and standard sizes. 21 Nov

Miajee’s Leather

The Miajee’s team designs and manufactures handmade leather products including wallets, organisers, sports bags, office bags, duffel bags and other handmade accessories. The company is all about making your own mark in the world – and having a love for genuine leather products. All products are designed and handcrafted by Miajee’s for men and women, with the aim of delivering innovative design with the philosophy of “breaking barriers and creating your own trend”. 21 Nov

Now No Waste

NOW No Waste provides reusable and compostable alternatives for disposable items you use in your kitchen, bathroom or at work. The company’s goal is to offer customers the opportunity to replace the products they throw away on a daily basis with sustainable alternatives to reduce their waste. To stimulate the curiosity of even the most sceptical, an education strategy is implemented through workshops, eco-friendly festivals and social media. 12 Nov, 21 Nov, 26 Nov, 11 Dec


“Designs should express a person’s personality and thoughts,” says Mira Oh, the Hong Kong-based Korean fashion designer based behind Ohmira. Inspired by her daily experience living in this vibrant and hectic city, Mira has a vision to create clothes that combine the sweetness of Korean fashion with a sense of practicability. 11 Dec

Prestige Fairs - Ohmira

Pink Cloud Affair

Pink Cloud Affair conjures up a fairy wonderland of whimsical, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted creations and vintage treasures dedicated to the ultra-feminine and fairy-spirited woman. The Cloud Fairies lace scarf collection is designed to evoke femininity, romance and elegance with a touch of playfulness and vibrancy. The collections have expanded to vintage-inspired dresses and headwear including Fairybands and Fairycaps, all lovingly handmade and accentuated with a fairy twist. 21 Nov

Ronnie English Foods

This is an online shop with wholesale services specialising in unique UK food and drinks. It offers a wide range of products, including daily kitchen items, handmade jams, chutneys, cooking sauces, craft sodas, natural juices and various UK niche snack items. There’s also a good selection of organic and gluten-free products available. 11 Dec

Stella Rose

Stella Rose creations comprise beautiful and unique gemstone charm jewellery, with meaningful designs that girls can have fun with. The collections are handcrafted with real gemstones and pearls, in 925 sterling silver. The versatility of the charm jewellery encourages girls to style their jewellery any way they like. Each bracelet and necklace is beautifully packaged in a signature gift box accompanied by a card with an inspiring message and information about the gemstones. 11 Dec

Prestige Fairs - Stella Rose

Thee Cream

During a challenging time in her life, businesswoman and single mother-of-two Jennifer Smyth realised the importance of her precious “me-time”. This came at the end of the day for Jennifer, with a relaxing bath, followed by the application of a high-end night cream. Over time, her capacity to purchase high-end creams became harder to justify, leading her to create THEE Cream. The cream works on multiple levels, targeting hydration, cell renewal, anti-ageing and brightening, as well as having soothing and moisturising properties. 12 Nov

Vintage 1900S

Vintage 1900s sources classic and vintage products from their different places of origin, and introduces them at reasonable prices without compromising on quality and aesthetics. They deal in hand-winded vintage watches for women and men, ranging from gold plated and decorated with diamonds to classic looks. Their bags, meanwhile, are a “must-have” companion piece for parties or casual use. Then there’s a choice of vanity sets and trays, jewellery boxes and accessories for the dressing table. 12 Nov

Wigo Wear

Wigo Wear offers affordable, colourful and plain kids’ tees in cutting-edge materials. The refreshingly simple t-shirts come in bright colours and soft, stretchy, sustainable fabrics – ideal for the HK climate – and have properties that make them perfectly suited for babies, children and those with sensitive skin (think antibacterial, anti-wrinkle, temperature-regulating, quick-dry and more). Also, ten percent of proceeds will be donated to local charities that provide early intervention training for children with special needs. 11 Dec

Prestige Fairs - Wigo Wear

XECO Wines

XECO is the brain-child of three 30-something “fino fiends” who have long shared a love of fine sherry – and a frustration that this love wasn’t embraced by friends. In early 2016, they created a new brand of sherry to put a contemporary edge on an age-old product, and to help to dispel some myths about the drink. To do so, they teamed up with a magnificent Spanish sherry house that has been producing sherry wines since 1876. So, the name may be new, but the wines have a long and distinguished lineage. 26 Nov

Prestige Fairs - Xeco Wines

YM Designworks

This company offers beautiful handmade traditional products using Aizome (Japanese indigo dyeing); you’ll find large stoles, bags, pouches and more by Japanese designers, which have been proudly dyed, cut and sewn here in Hong Kong. 26 Nov

Prestige Fairs - Ym Designworks

Zero Yet

100 This all-natural deodorant made in Hong Kong is completely free of any synthetic elements. Unlike chemical deodorants that cause yellow stains, mask odours and clog pores, ZeroYet100 is made with magnesium, activated charcoal and probiotics, allowing you to sweat naturally without bad odours or stains. Approved by the Standards Testing Centre of Hong Kong, it’s a 100 percent natural fix for whiffy pits! 21 Nov, 26 Nov

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