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New Year horoscopes: what’s in store?

Are you ready for the Year of the Rooster? Our Chinese New Year horoscopes guide will give you some insights in what to expect when it comes to love, money, career, health and more. Firstly, you need to discover which animal represents your Lunar year of birth – check the table below.

Chinese New Year, astrology, Year of the Rooster, horoscopes
Which animal are you?

Lunar Year Start Dates

If you were born in January of February, then you then need to consider if you were born before the start date of the Lunar New Year. Check the table below and if your birthday is before the date mentioned in your birth year, then you take the animal of the previous year.

Chinese New Year, astrology, Year of the Rooster, horoscopes
Lunar Year Start Dates

2017 – Year of the Rooster

So what do the stars have in store for you this year? Chinese astrologer Clarice Chan gives her practical advice for each of the twelve animals of the zodiac. For more detailed readings using Chinese astrology, feng shui or tarot, visit claricegvchan.com.

Chinese New Year, astrology, Year of the Rooster


People born under the Rat sign are likely to find 2017 encouraging and successful. You’ll also be happy to know that you are blessed with several auspicious stars residing in your sign throughout the year.

In your professional life, tapping into your creativity and maintaining a high level of integrity will play a big part in helping you get through the year successfully. To further help your career, you must maintain amiable relationships with your co-workers and superiors.

Those looking for new opportunities should be prepared to go out of their comfort zone by doing more business networking. Job-seekers stand a good chance of getting positions. While wealth energy is strong and money-making opportunities are indicated, business owners must try to be more cautious when making decisions, especially those who are considering expansion.

You’re advised to take extremely good care of yourself this year as personal health issues may arise from bad eating habits or an over-indulgent lifestyle. Outdoor activities, exercise routines and time out in nature will be important to your health.


This will be a cautious year for the Ox sign, even though yours is a harmonious sign to the ruling sign, Rooster. While harmonious signs are generally believed to do better and have a smoother journey throughout the course of any particular year, your success will depend largely on the decisions you make.

For career and business, you must try to make solid plans and take steady steps towards achieving your goals. You’re also warned against making impulsive decisions due to outside pressures. Having a positive mind-set and flexible attitude will be the keys to your success in your career and business. If you’re in employment, you’re likely to have a fair time throughout the year, as long as you continue to be diligent. The money outlook for this year is average; it’s advisable to maintain a stronger hold on your earnings and business profits.

There is a tendency for those under the Ox sign to be introverted, sometimes isolating themselves for long periods of time. Since this is a relationship-friendly year, however, it will be beneficial for you to be more active socially.

Chinese New Year, astrology, Year of the Rooster


This Rooster year is looking to be a positive, exciting and successful time for those born under the Tiger sign. While changes are indicated at work, you should stay optimistic, as this is a great year for exploration, especially for those who may be seeking a change in environment or a better job, or to start a new business.

In the workplace, maintaining a harmonious environment is very important for your advancement; you must try to work in harmony with both your superiors and teammates.

The money outlook is positive; you’re likely to have increased earnings and bonuses from your mainstream income. Your investments are likely to bring you positive gains, too, though you must be extra alert and keep a close watch on the market in case of sudden fluctuations.

When it comes to your wellbeing, the outlook is definitely much better than for the previous year, though you’re still cautioned to take extra good care of yourself.

Relationship energy is strong, and romance and marriage are possible. This is an excellent time for singles to find romance, so be sure to be outgoing and have fun.


This will be a mixed year for those born under the Rabbit sign. For a start, your sign is clashing with the ruling Rooster. While it’s commonly believed that the journey of a clashing sign can be more turbulent, good fortune and opportunities may also knock on your door. To get the best out of the clashing year, you’re advised to take particularly good care of your wellbeing, keep a low profile and be at peace.

In the workplace, it will be to your advantage to build good interpersonal relationships with your peers and superiors, as you will need to work together to achieve your goals. Financially, this is a fluctuating year, so it will be best to keep a close watch on your invested interest and try not to overspend. The best way is to avoid taking any money risks in this year.

In this busy year, you must take very good care of your wellbeing, as issues with fatigue and problems related to the digestive system are indicated. From time to time, it will be beneficial to have small getaways to places that are peaceful and tranquil.

This is a relationship-friendly year for those born under the sign of the Rabbit. Singles should make more effort to be part of the social scene and meet new people.

Chinese New Year, astrology, Year of the Rooster


The Dragon is known to be a dynamic and powerful sign – and you’ll be happy to know that 2017 will be another vibrant and positive year for most of you.

While changes and moves are indicated, those in employment will find this a supportive year. Since you’ll require support from your staff or co-workers, you’re advised to adopt a flexible and warm attitude. This is an excellent year for job-seekers, too – especially those who are looking to find a job quickly.

If you’re running your own business, you can expect an extremely busy year, and, with strong determination, it will be an abundant one too.

Financially, this will be a positive year for most Dragons; you’re likely to see better income, a raise or higher bonuses. Business owners may well see better profits and gains.

Stress seems to be your biggest enemy and, since it’s such an eventful year, you’re advised to take extra good care of your wellbeing by taking time out for relaxation, vacation and regular exercise.


The Snake is one of the harmonious signs with the Rooster, which is the ruling sign of 2017. It’s generally believed that a person whose sign shares a harmonious relationship with a ruling sign is likely to enjoy a year of success and abundance. However, blocking the way in this case is a group of stars with extreme energy surrounding your zodiac sign and leading to imbalances in your year’s journey.

To get the best out of the year, it’s important to have a positive mind-set, be open in your communication and keep your emotions balanced. At work or in business, it’s important to be proactive and use your initiative to get things done. In the event of conflict with people, intervene only when it’s absolutely necessary.

Financial energy is positive; this is likely to be an abundant year for many of you, though, as a rule of thumb, random investments should be avoided.

Your social life will be interesting; singles are likely to have a fun and exciting time, with love and romance indicated.

As this is a fast-moving and eventful year for you, keeping your immune system at its optimal level is very important.

Chinese New Year, astrology, Year of the Rooster


This is an energetic year for the Horse. As your sign is one of four that are clashing with the ruling zodiac sign, the Rooster, you’re advised to try to take life at an even pace.

Your work life will generally be busy and you’re likely to want to make changes to your career path. You’ll be happy to know that there will be good opportunities, though you must be patient and choose carefully.

The Horse sign is also one of the Stars of Romance, and it’s likely that many singles will find love and romance. For those who are married or attached, be mindful not to let emotional upheavals and conflicts embitter your feelings for your loved one.

Financially, this could be a prosperous and abundant year for many of you. However, you are cautioned to be disciplined when managing finances – don’t let others mislead you into squandering your money away.

In this eventful and fast-moving year, you’re reminded to look after your wellbeing by having adequate rest, exercising regularly, eating healthily, and taking short trips away to relax and recharge your energies.


This will be mixed energy year for those born under the sign of the Goat. Besides keeping a positive mind-set, it’s also best for you to be flexible and lower your expectations of yourself and others.

Workwise, this could be a competitive year. You will need to work harder and be more patient in the workplace. People may appear to be less cooperative, and there is indication of conflict. Those who are determined to change jobs must be extra patient, as getting the right job will take a longer time.

The financial outlook is weaker this year; it will be wise to play safe and keep away from any money risks. If you’re in the finance business, be forewarned that sudden fluctuations are indicated.

This is an exciting year for singles looking for love and romance. For those who are married or attached, you’re advised to be disciplined in avoiding unnecessary stress between you and your spouse. Keeping your emotions and mind healthy is the probably the most important thing to remember this year.

Chinese New Year, astrology, Year of the Rooster


This is an average year for those under the Monkey sign. For a start, it will be less stressful that the previous year, when you were one of the clashing signs.

At work, it will be to your advantage to try and better your interpersonal relationships with co-workers and superiors. You’re also cautioned to be more careful in decision-making, especially if they are decisions that affect your career and business.

Financially, there will be fluctuating moments, though with careful management you will achieve reasonable profits and gains. Those with fixed salaries must avoid impulsive spending or running up debts on credit cards.

This is a relationship-friendly year for many of you born under the Monkey sign. Singles will have plenty of opportunities to meet new people and find romance. Those who are attached or married will enjoy a harmonious and loving relationship with their loved one.

In terms of energy, this year could be exhausting, especially if you’re one of those who lead a fast-moving lifestyle. You must take extra good care of your wellbeing, especially if you have a weak digestive system.


It is the year of the Rooster, and though you share your sign with the annual ruling sign, your two signs are in conflict. As a result, you’re advised to take precautions by keeping a low profile and being extra flexible with any changes that may occur throughout the year.

On a brighter side, you can still expect to do well in your job or in the running of your business. Keeping up with market trends is the key to your success this year. Travel is indicated for many of you under the Rooster sign, though you’re cautioned to be extra careful when driving in foreign lands.

Financially, this is not your best year; but money earned from your hard work will be stable. Profits are still possible from business and investments.

As the Rooster is also one of four Stars of Romance, you’re cautioned against creating problems for yourself and your loved ones. Be disciplined and cherish your relationships; this way you will further enhance your journey this year.

Chinese New Year, astrology, Year of the Rooster


2017 is looking to be a positive year for members of the Dog sign. You’re very lucky to have a series of positive and auspicious stars shining on your zodiac sign, and they will help you to achieve a happier, healthier and abundant journey this year.

You are likely to have a busy work year. Those who are looking for career advancement should note that it’s inadvisable to stay within your comfort zone. Those who are in the sales industry, in particular, must try to make more new contacts through business networking.

Financially, you will be much better off than last year. However, if you’re in charge of finances, there is a caution to be extra careful throughout the year with money-related documents.

Your social life will be active and interesting; singles are encouraged to socialise if they wish to find love and romance. Those who are married or attached will also enjoy more blissful moments in relationships.

In this busy and eventful year, it’s important to give yourself plenty of self-loving activities. Spa treatments, short relaxing holidays and nature walks will keep your mind and body energised.


This is an average year for those born under the sign of the Pig. While you’re not in a clashing sign, there are just too many negative stars surrounding your zodiac sign. To help yourself, you must be strong, patient and confident when faced with challenges, and keep your mind-set positive.

At work or in business, it will be wise to moderate your expectations. If you intend to switch jobs or careers, it could take a long time; those who have started a new job recently should allow more time to adjust, and should be accepting of the way the new place of employment operates.

Financially, it would be best to lower your money expectations and avoid overspending; in these times, it’s highly inadvisable to take any money risks.

Relationships are a little fragile this year; you are advised to pay more attention to your loved ones and treat them gently.

As this is a demanding year, you must take better good care of yourself. Be aware that you’re likely to be prone to fatigue and stress. Some of you will be prone to mood swings, too, and may be more sensitive than usual.

For more tips and predictions, visit claricegvchan.com or get a copy of Clarice’s new book, Your Fortune in 2017. 

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