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Chinese astrology predictions for 2014, the Year of the Horse

What’s in store for 2014, the Year of the Horse? Feng shui master and Chinese astrologer Clarice Chan gives her practical advice.


The Chinese New Year will see the return of the horse

There are two major elements in The Year of the Yang Wood Horse: Wood and Fire (with some hidden Earth). According to the law of Chinese metaphysics, these elements are in a productive cycle and thus 2014 is termed an auspicious year. People who belong to the Horse sign are said to be friendly, easygoing, elegant and popular, with an attractive nature. They usually have a large following of friends mainly due to their good sense of humour and ability to instantly put people at ease.

The Horse is the seventh zodiac sign in the Chinese Astrology system and is one of the four “Flowers of Romance”. The year that carries a Flower of Romance is known to induce social activities and relationships; we can therefore expect an increase in the number of engagements and weddings. On the negative side, Flowers of Romance are known to trigger sex-related crimes and scandals.

In this strong Fire year, the parts of the body that will be most affected are the kidneys, the heart and the blood; heart and blood belong to the Fire element, while the kidneys and reproductive organs belong to the Water element. Other vulnerable organs are those belonging to the Metal element: skin, lungs, nose and large intestines. If you have weakness related to these organs, take extra care of your health.

While 31 January 2014 is the official first day of Chinese New Year, according to the Lunar Calendar, the year of the Wood Horse only begins on 4 February, at 6.03am. If your baby is born on or after 6.03am on 4 February, he or she will belong to the Yang Wood Horse sign.

The strong Fire of this Horse year will help to drive the economy forward and bring wealth and prosperity to many countries. The property market will continue to be busy. However, do note that the Water element is absent in 2014: as Water is the wealth element for Earth, money in the property sector will not be as lucrative as in previous years.

Fire industries generally refer to oil and gas, and the Metal element is the wealth element for them. Metal is also absent this year, so it’s likely that there will be stiffer competition and profitability will be down.

Metal industries such as hi-tech companies and automobile companies can have a productive year, but this does not necessarily equate to making huge profits.

The stock market will be filled with movement and enthusiasm, but the banking industry, classified as a Metal industry, will continue to face stiff competition.

The medical industry, including dentistry and dermatology, will do well.

While communications companies, restaurants, bars and the entertainment sector will go through a time of growth, competition this year will be very stiff and expenditure will be high.

Water industries will see a profitable time as Fire is their Wealth element and this is the strongest element this year: therefore marine, shipping, air and sea travel and transportation will benefit.

Wood industries such as agriculture, textile, fashion, wood-furnishing, education, and retail publishing will have a decent year.

Overall, 2014 will be an exciting year with an abundance of joy and possibilities, and we should use this time to build solid foundations. Wishing everyone a blessed and prosperous Year of the Yang Wood Horse!

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