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Luxury children’s fashion at a fraction of the cost

By: Brooke Chenoweth

Since its inception in 2016, Retykle has helped transform the world of children’s fashion in Hong Kong with a sustainable approach. An online platform for reselling and buying gently used luxury babywear and kids’ clothing, it was created by mother-of-two Sarah Garner after she had her own children.  After years working in luxury fashion herself, she saw a need for a better way to deal with the mountains of clothes that parents inevitably end up with as kids rapidly grow. “I wanted to apply my experience to something that felt more purposeful,” says Sarah. “After I had my first child, a friend gave me a large amount of luxury hand-me-downs that took my son through his first year. Overwhelmed by her generosity, I allocated a second-hand value to each item and gave her an equivalent gift card to one of her favourite kids’ stores. I figured that there had to be a better way to reward parents for buying good-quality clothing and to keep them in circulation, rather than always buying new – or, worse still, trading down to disposable fast fashion, as is the temptation with kids’ wardrobes that get such short wear.”

Retykle offers sustainable children's fashion
Retykle offers sustainable children’s fashion


The goal of Retykle is to make buying and re-selling of luxury clothing for babies and kids every bit as convenient and stylish as buying new. It stocks a carefully curated edit of the world’s top luxury children’s fashion brands – including Bonpoint, Jacadi, Chloé, Moncler, Ralph Lauren and more – and allows buyers to save up to 90 percent on retail prices; sellers, meanwhile, can turn outgrown clothes into cash, completely hassle-free.

Along with the wide range of high-end clothing, shoes and accessories for newborns up to ten-year-olds, Retykle offers free shipping and returns within Hong Kong. There is also a higher purpose behind Retykle, one that benefits not only parents but the environment and the local community as well.

Children's fashion on a rack from Retykle
Kids outgrow an average of seven clothing sizes in the first two years of their lives

Good for the planet

Sarah explains: “As any parent will know, kids outgrow an average of seven clothing sizes in the first two years of their lives. This is both expensive and hard on the environment. I wanted to find a better way to keep high-quality kids clothing in circulation rather than collecting dust in closets. Our model allows you to buy, wear, sell, repeat – until your children grow up and stay the same size! We’re promoting a sustainable way to rotate through an average 1,500 items of clothing per child rather than contributing to landfill with cheaply made clothing that can’t be resold or donated. We’re also working with local charities to ensure that any items that can’t be resold with us reach those in need. The overall aim is to make second-hand as good, if not better, than buying new.”

Email to book a visit to the new Retykle studio. Unit 611, 42 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Wong Chuk Hang |

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