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Looking for the perfect piece for winter?

Irish-born designer Caoimhe Ryan explains her affection for cashmere, the fabulously fine yarn used in the 100 percent pure products sold by her label NUAN.

For women

“Every stage of producing a piece of clothing for NUAN is extremely intensive, from the shearing of the undercoats of the goats living in the harsh terrain of Mongolia, to the spinning of this precious yarn, to our bespoke tailors knitting and tailoring each piece. Because of the lightness of the yarn and the limited number of cashmere goats, it takes many undercoats to spin even a single sweater.

Once you start to wear cashmere knitwear, you’ll only ever want to wear it, with its luxurious lightness and softness, wonderful warmth and insulation, and the fact that it’s perfect for those with sensitive skin or allergies. We also offer a range of products in un-dyed yarn (known as eco yarn).

For men

In a world of fast and disposable fashion, it represents timeless investment dressing at its best. It’s authentic, pure, understated luxury – and, with good care and storage, your cashmere pieces will last and be treasured wardrobe staples.

Cashmere is a knit that works in your wardrobe all year round, from wrapping up in cold months to travelling, and – thanks to its breathability – avoiding the chill of air-conditioners on a hot summer day.

Finally, it is wonderful for gifting to friends and family, especially wraps, shawls, ponchos and accessories.”

NUAN has retail outlets in the US and Australia, and an online store at

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