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Carpets and Interior design: Cut a rug at CarpetBuyer’s Exhibition and Sale

What your carpet says about you is priceless. That’s the mantra shared by rare and fine carpet purveyors CarpetBuyer, and they are here to help school us on floor décor and how to know a good rug.

One of the finds at CarpetBuyer’s sale


Renowned veteran of the carpet industry, Heena Mir, is an expert in the fine, antique, new and old Persian carpets trade. When it comes to investment pieces and home accessories, Heena says that antiques and rare carpets, including fine silks, are the best. She also says that carpets made forty to seventy years ago are great investment pieces because each is individually unique and impossible to replicate.

“A carpet isn’t simply bought for the moment, but as a lifetime commitment,” says Heena. “Therefore, the style, colour and décor of your home affect the choice you make.”  She adds, “We always educate our clients first and foremost, so they are knowledgeable about the factors that make a carpet unique and functional.

Various factors that should be taken into account include the material used to make the carpet: wool, silk or a combination. Which is better really depends on your circumstances and the purpose you want to use the carpet for. For example, wool might be better for warmth in a cold climate, and in a hot climate, silk may be a cooler choice. But silk, being thinner than wool, gives you the ability to go for finer knottage and therefore more detail in the pattern. If it’s to be hung on a wall or placed in a low-traffic area, then silk is the best option.

The art of carpet weaving modernized over the last century. As opportunities for later generations in Iran and abroad became more accessible over the past 50 to 100 years, these provided inspiration into many of the carpet weaving centers. In the carpet world, this era became the best time for carpets, and CarpetBuyer is humbled to be given the chance to showcase such a collection.

Building on a 25-year reputation in Hong Kong, CarpetBuyer is host to the first ever Fine, Rare & Antique Handmade Carpets Exhibition and Sale, boasting carpets from the best of the era, the 1920s to 1960s. For your home accessories and fine carpets, the Exhibition & Sale is ongoing until the end of April 2014.

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