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Cancelled Hong Kong school exams

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the schooling of millions of young students worldwide, including those in Hong Kong. In the latest development, school exams have been cancelled or impacted for students enrolled in the IB, GSCE and HKDSE. Read on for the essential details, below.

Exams are cancelled for IB students

The IB exams, originally set for May 2020, have been cancelled by the organisation in a letter to schools. The letter cited the action as the “most responsible and ethical way forward”. Over 30 schools in Hong Kong offer the IB to students – it’s renowned as an appealing high school qualification that’s well respected by university admission teams.

How will IB scores be decided?

Now that school exams are cancelled, scores will need be decided in a different way.  The letter from the IBO shared an insight into how scores will be awarded. It said, “Depending on what they registered for, the student will be awarded a Diploma or a Course Certificate. This is based on the student’s submitted coursework and the established assessment expertise, rigour and quality control already built into the programme.”

What should IB students and parents do?

Your school will communicate regarding next steps for school exams that are cancelled for your child. You can see the latest public updates direct from the IBO at this link:

Study exam

HKDSE exams are postponed

HKDSE school exams will not be cancelled, rather postponed by 30 days. These exams are taken by students studying the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education. HKDSE exams were originally scheduled to be sat from late March. Now, these exams will happen between 24 April and 25 May. This was announced by Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung at a press conference on 21 March. You can see the government’s English statement at this link: Hong Kong government to ensure safe exams

You can view the revised HKDSE timetable at this link: HKDSE revised timetable 2020 exams

GSCE and A Level exams

These have been cancelled in England. A decision will be made about Hong Kong shortly.

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