Craving a good night’s sleep?

Are you craving the perfect night of slumber? Having a good, comfortable mattress is so important but buying a mattress in Hong Kong might be a little more tricky than in your home country. Typically, mattresses in Asia are a lot firmer, and the Queen, King and others sizes can be different here. Okooko by European Bedding could be the answer, with its made-to-measure options for any size bed frame in a range of sleep systems.

Are you getting enough sleep?

We spend about a third of our lives asleep, but so many of us struggle to experience rest of any real quality. Ideally, we would get a good seven to eight hours each evening, yet many adults are not achieving this. A lack of sleep has been linked to a number of negative health impacts, such as raising the sensation of hunger. It also affects your ability to concentrate, ages your skin, and can contribute to depression.

The must-have mattress

The right mattress is key to good sleep. We asked General Manager of Okooko by European Bedding, THIJS VEYFEYKEN why Heveya is the must have mattress.

#1 Natural & organic material

Originating from the sap of organic rubber trees, Heveya latex mattresses are 100 percent natural, with no harmful chemicals or metal springs.

#2 Contouring comfort

Our bodies aren’t straight; they’re curved. A latex mattress has the ability to contour to the shape of your body while giving the support that you need.

#3 Good pressure distribution

Uneven pressure distribution can cause pressure points to build up, resulting in discomfort and numbness. The right support contributes to better blood circulation.

#4 High durability

Natural latex is known to last longer than other mattress materials. It can last up to 15 years.

#5 Good breathability

Natural latex mattresses have pinholes and an open-cell structure, promoting good airflow for a cooler night’s sleep.

#6 Dust mite and mould resistant!

The mattress core is naturally anti-dust mite and anti-mould – perfect for humid Hong Kong.

#7 Removable covers

Sweat, stains, bacteria and more can affect the quality of your bed over the years. Our Heveya mattress comes with a removable and cleanable cover to ensure a hygienic sleep.

PLUS… you A 100-night free trial!

If you discover that your mattress is too soft or too firm when you get home, Okooko by European Bedding will work with you to find the firmness that fits

Mattresses come in more sizes than you might think!

Besides carrying Hong Kong and international-sized mattresses, European Bedding can also custom make a mattress of any dimensions, whether it’s a super-wide piece for families or a unique boat mattress. The store can even combine different firmness levels in the king-sized mattress, so everyone can sleep better.

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