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A frequent flyer’s dream bed

There’s no place like home – especially for someone who is constantly away on work trips. Business travellers need more sleep than non-travellers to stay healthy, which makes buying a bed that provides the right support and comfort for quality sleep even more crucial. Okooko by European Bedding’s range of custom beds might be just the answer!

The secret to success

A 2018 travel industry report revealed that more than two thirds of frequent work travellers agree that sleep quality just before and during a business trip is important to that trip’s success. Sadly, nearly one in six reported that they are presently or nearly “burnt out” on travel and considering changing to a role that involves less travel. The main cause of this burnout is nights away from home, followed by lack of sleep. So, how can we support the frequent travellers in our household? The answer is to help them get better sleep before and after their work trips.

Finding the right bed

Finding the right bed makes home all the sweeter for Shawn, an expat executive now based in Hong Kong with his family, who travels about six months of the year. Shawn made a commitment to find a bed for their Hong Kong residence that would help him rest better when at home with his family.

Okooko by European Bedding matteress

“I was planning to spend more time with my family in Hong Kong this year in any case, so we decided we needed a high-quality bed for our apartment,” Shawn explains. “For us, high quality means made with organic materials – organic is our preference.”

After researching online and visiting the store, Shawn ordered both a frame and mattress from Okooko by European Bedding. He chose an Ergonomic Slatted Bed Base, which is made from FSC-certified beech wood. This bed can be customised with sliders and tailored to personal needs and sleeping positions. To go with it, he purchased a Heveya Natural Organic Latex Mattress II, made from two layers of natural organic latex, which contains no harsh chemicals or glues.

We asked Shawn what he enjoys most about the new bed: “The Heveya is much more comfortable than my previous mattresses! I can tell you, as a man who travels a lot and who sits more than nine hours a day either on a plane or at my desk, this bed is really awesome.”

So, what’s his advice to other frequent travellers looking for a good night’s sleep? “If time allows, I highly recommend you research online and visit the mattress shop you’re interested in. This was a success for me; I made the right choice. I hope anyone reading this will buy a mattress that improves their quality of sleep like I did.”

European bedding with model

Reader review

Rohan and Divya Singh, Canadian

“We needed our mattress to be custom-made as we brought our king-bed frame across from Canada. Unfortunately, it was very difficult to find a mattress that would fit the frame properly here. Also, we wanted a mattress that was made from latex, which we’d heard was eco-friendly. We ordered an organic latex mattress made by Heveya, along with two latex pillows, opting for medium firmness for the mattress because it felt just right for both of us. There was an additional option of splitting the mattress vertically and having two different densities, if Divya and I had different preferences.

“We’re extremely happy with our mattress and the experience with European Bedding. They know their product very well and provide a very personalised service. We also felt we received great value for the price we paid. Having experienced poor quality of sleep on our previous mattress, we now realise we should have made the change sooner. We’re very happy we can finally get a restful night of sleep! ”

European Bedding clients

Visit the Okooko by European Bedding showroom at 13/F, The Plaza LKF, 21 D’Aguilar Street, Central.
2870 1132 | europeanbedding.hk

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