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Body Shaping in Hong Kong: Get Christmas party ready with Hypoxi

By: Sarah Richard

Christmas is just around the corner, and we are already preparing for those sneaky extra pounds we will probably gain over the festive period (cue baggy pants and comfy sweaters). There’s no avoiding it, is there? Or is there? Expat Living went in search for a solution; saying no to those yummy canapes and champagne at the Christmas party really isn’t an option, and we also didn’t want all the hard work of traipsing up and down the Hong Kong hills to slim down. So we visited HYPOXI-Studio Central to see if they had the body shaping answers we were looking for.

The HYPOXI concept is scientifically proven and used by athletes and celebrities in over 2000 studios worldwide. So, if it was good enough for them, it was good enough for us.

HYPOXI claims: ‘The Perfect Solution to achieving your ideal body shape that meets the demands of both men and women. HYPOXI is one of the most scientifically recommended targeted fat and cellulite reduction systems people worldwide are opting for. It can naturally target stubborn areas like the waist, stomach, hips, buttocks and thighs, through a gentle exercise program. Most importantly, it has been scientifically proven to offer 3 times more circumference loss than any regular exercise, offering significant results in a shorter time frame.’

Heading to the body shaping training in Central, I was excited (albeit a little dubiously) after seeing the above statement and homing in to the words ‘through gentle exercise’. Of course, we would all like to get to our perfect body shape through ‘gentle exercise’, but every other fitness ‘trend’ or ‘technique’ I had tried before certainly involved nothing ‘gentle’ about it.

One of the main aims of HYPOXI is to target areas that don’t get as much blood circulation during exercise than others. During classical training, we have a tendency to be warmer above the chest area, where there’s better blood circulation, versus colder below the chest, which is why it’s more difficult to shape up our lower half. HYPOXI, on the other hand, uses vacuum and compression therapy to increase blood flow to our troubled areas, therefore results of fat and cellulite reduction are more effective.

The Hypoxi Dermology' treatment in process
The Hypoxi Dermology’ treatment in process

The first treatment I tried out was the was the ‘HYPOXI Dermology’. I stepped into a space-aged looking suit and lay down on what looked like a first class airplane seat. Was I about to be transferred into some other mysterious universe where cellulite doesn’t exist? There was only one way to find out! The technician then attached tubes onto my suit, turned on the machine, and air started to disappear from around me. A few minutes later, there was no air left in my suit, and I was left in a strangely relaxing position with what felt like thousands of tiny bubbles popping on my skin. HYPOXI therapy works via a network of 400 integrated pressure chambers, each of them apply the effects of ancient cupping techniques to a targeted area around the stomach, hips, buttocks, and legs, combining two highly effective therapies: vacuum cupping therapy and high pressure compression therapy. This technique is used to strengthen skin, and over time, tighten any loose skin you may have. The treatment lasted 20 minutes, and I was genuinely not so happy to have to remove the comfortable suit and start my ‘gentle exercise’.




I was put into a huge egg otherwise known as the ‘S120’, where a pulse sensor was attached under my chest and a temperature sensor to my thigh. Over my head and under my chest area went a sort of wet suit that would attach itself to the top of a machine, and inside the machine was a stationary bike that I slipped my feet into and started peddling. The aim was to cycle between 60-80 rpm, and to keep my pulse rate under 135. While cycling, the machine altered the air pressure inside the wet suit, therefore increasing my skin temperature too. It was similar to the suction feeling on the Dermology machine, but with less force. Quite honestly, I was waiting to get to the hard bit; I wondered when the ‘exercise’ would come in. I leisurely pedalled while reading a magazine, kicking myself for not bringing my phone so I could catch up on unnecessary celebrity gossip. It seemed the ‘exercise’ was 30 minutes of light pedaling, while the machine did most of the hard work by increasing my skin temperature.

An hour later, I was back in my work clothes and heading to the office. My skin felt tighter and my stomach some what flatter. Although HYPOXI say it can take up to six sessions before you see the results, I could already feel a slight difference, and I liked it. Along with the sessions, HYPOXI also recommend you follow a few simple eating guidelines, like avoiding carbs after a session (and banning them for dinner), and cutting down on coffee and sugar – nothing ground breaking, just healthy eating, and making conscience choices. HYPOXI are under no illusion that their machines alone will produce life-changing fat loss; they understand, like the rest of us, that desired results are formed through a combination of HYPOXI workouts and healthy eating.

What I loved about HYPOXI was that it didn’t take up much of my time. Going to the gym in Hong Kong is a time grabbing experience when you consider waiting for machines, classes, or even showers. HYPOXI have an appointment system that guarantee you your machine in your desired time slot, so there’s no waiting around. Also, the work out itself, albeit very relaxing, seemed to have more obvious results than my usual ‘work as hard as you can for as short as you can’, so you can still fit in 10 other things before your lunch routine. There’s also no hard sell. Didn’t like it? Then no worries, they’re not called ‘FREE TRIALS‘ for nothing

With the festival season coming up and not much spare time to prepare for it, I am so happy to have found HYPOXI, and know I can pop along a few times each week for a 30-minute session and start seeing results by the time Christmas comes.


HYPOXI-Studio Central
8/F, EuBank Plaza, 9 Chiu Lung Street, Central
+852 2537 6637

HYPOXI has a Christmas special for Expat Living readers during the month of November: an extra 6 training sessions will be added for FREE (worth 3994 HKD) when signing up for the 12, 24 or 36 session package.