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Are you considering boarding school in Malaysia?

By: Brooke Chenoweth

Could living on campus be the right schooling environment for your child? Reilly Grose-Hodge, 13, is in her fourth year of boarding school in Malaysia. Born in Singapore to an Australian mother and English father, she started weekly boarding at the age of 11. The Year 8 student shares her experiences at Marlborough College.

Benefits of boarding

I wanted to experience boarding, and weekly boarding at Marlborough means I still get to see my parents at the weekends. My dad attended Marlborough, Wiltshire in the UK, and that was another reason for me to join. I’m also in the school swim team, so boarding allows me to arrive on time for early morning training.

Boarding school in Malaysia: Marlborough College student Reilly
Reilly Grose-Hodge

Settling in was difficult at first. I felt homesick, but the teachers were there to help me get comfortable. I made friends quickly, and this helped as well. Our Housemistress and Dame (the manager of household arrangements) are really focused on making the boarding house feel like home – we have a kitchen and a lovely little room called the common room, with beanbags, computers as well as a pool table and a table tennis table – it’s where all the girls come together and socialise.

The daily schedule is very busy with school and activities; we always have things to do and we never get bored. I enjoy playing after-school team sports with the boarders, and this really helps us get to know each other better. My boarding house friends are from a range of different countries, and sometimes we go shopping, to the movies as a whole house, or do planned activities with the boys’ junior boarding house.

For anyone considering boarding, I say you definitely should; it’s a fun experience and helps you learn to be independent. Also, I find I am more focused on my studies and there are plenty of things to do, so I don’t tend to think about missing home so much!

Marlborough College Malaysia - swimming

Marlborough College serves day pupils as well as full or weekly boarding for boys and girls from age nine (Year 5) at the spacious campus located just over the border from Singapore.

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