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Beauty Treatment Secrets: Korea’s newest beauty facial treatment miracle comes to Allure Salon

By: Claire Locking
The newest Korean beauty treatment is better than Botox

Better than Botox? This summer it seems that anything Korean is on top of the beauty treatment wish list in Hong Kong, with Korean products and treatments trending popularly because of their effectiveness and reliability. In fact, the Korean beauty industry is making its mark not just here but globally, with several retailers in the US who concentrate solely on Korean-made products taking a huge slice of the US$60 billion beauty industry. Many industry insiders claim the products are better quality and more technologically advanced, yet still affordable.

I travelled to Jessica Lam’s salon in Yuen Long (she also has a very popular one in Sai Kung) to sample one such product, in the form of the Ronas Restoring Powder Treatment. Jessica describes it as delivering “the effects of Botox without the Botox”.

Any visit to Jessica’s salons is a voyage of discovery and something I encourage all expats to do while living in the city; what’s the point sticking with what you know when you can discover the beauty secrets of other nationalities while here on the ground? My first new experience came in the form of a vial of Stem Cell of Mushroom, which was applied to my skin and massaged with a cold roller. The aim was to infuse my skin with as much moisture as possible before beginning the main treatment.

Next came the main event, the Ronas powder, which is mixed with a special serum to activate the ingredients. Created from seaweed, the algae is good for regeneration of skin cells and lymphatic drainage, and Jessica promises that over the next three days it will promote new cell growth and restore collagen levels.

When the solution was applied I could detect a slight seaweed smell. Jessica gently massaged the mildly abrasive solution into my skin for seven minutes; I felt a slight tingling feeling but it wasn’t unpleasant. The serum is left on while moisture levels are increased, again with the application of a cooling silk mask.

Unlike other facials where products are simultaneously applied and removed, during this treatment most of the product remains on. This is obviously great for retaining moisture levels but it can feel slightly sticky and unusual; the tingling also remains for at least 24 hours.

After 60 minutes of pampering, Jessica sent me back to the island with a bottle full of the mushroom elixir and another silk mask with instruction to apply the serum every two hours to keep moisturising, and the mask at night. She also promised I would notice remarkable results after three days, and she was right – even by day two my skin seemed plumper, brighter and more even in tone and texture.

Thanks for letting us in on the secret!

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