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Beauty tips: Using makeup to contour your face like a pro

The correct contouring will slim a chubby chin, shorten a long nose or give you defined cheekbones à la Kate Moss – well, almost. Makeup guru Kelly Bilimoria clues us in on the right techniques and products.


beauty tips, contouring, make up, techniques, products
Nail those cheekbones!


For contouring, using a powder is best (and the easiest to correct) for beginners. Make sure your contouring powder is matte and that it’s one or two shades darker than your skin tone, and stay away from anything too red, orange or blue in tone.

Kelly recommends:
– Urban Decay Flushed Naked
– NARS Contour Blush
– Make Up For Ever Sculpting Kit
– Laura Mercier Bronzing Duo
– Benefit Hoola
– Bobby Brown Bronzing Powder


beauty tips, contouring, make up, techniques, products
Grab the right kit and get started

Highlighting is especially important when you’re contouring, as it brings the light back into your face.

Kelly recommends:
– MAC Cream Colour Base in Pearl
– NYX Liquid Illuminator
– Make Up For Ever Uplight

  1. After applying your makeup base, locate the hollows of your cheekbones – the easiest way to do this is sucking your cheeks into a “fish face”. The shadow should fall directly in the hollows this creates.
  2. Swirl a fluffy brush in your contouring product of choice, and trace the diagonal line beginning at the top of your cheek just below the temple, brushing downward toward the mouth. Trace a a “c” shape for a natural look. After a few swipes, you’ll begin to build up a line there.
  3. If you’ve applied too much, simply blend with your fingers, a sponge or a fresh brush.


  1. Add highlighter on the nose bridge to add height and slim down the nose.
  2. Add highlight to the centre of the forehead to make it look less flat and the face slimmer overall.
  3. Add to the centre of your eyelids for a 3D effect.

Final tips!
Don’t forget to blend to give as natural a finish as possible.

Don’t forget blush. You should still apply some colour to your cheeks to lift the complexion and add the final touch.