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Beauty: Hair treatments and top tips on how to look hot in the heat

Manage your mane this summer with these great tips from the experts

Tired of your frizzy, tired looking hair each time summer rolls around? Us too. Getting beach- and pool-ready is definitely a job for the experts. The Expat Living team chats with The Strand salon hair gurus to glean tips on summer hair care. We learn about The Botox, a ultra deep-conditioning treatment to smooth and soften summer’s dreaded locks in part one of our How to Look Hot in the Heat series.


When the humidity reappears after the drier days of winter it can do strange things to our hair. For the past few months, most of us have been relishing our frizz-free, tamed tresses; now we’re back to the daily battle with the curl. However, this is not the time to overreact and go for a radical chop. The key to perfect summer hair is conditioning not cutting.

When it comes to colour, many of us want to go lighter in the summer, but if you want to follow current hair trends, avoid the usual half head of highlights in favour something more natural. Consider going for something closer to your natural colour with just a few lighter sun-kissed tones around the face.

The key to enjoying your hair over the summer and keeping it in good condition is working with what you’ve got, not against it. Experiment, don’t just settle for a slicked-back ponytail; work with your natural hair type and create sun-kissed waves or interesting up-dos.

The Botox hair treatment, The Strand

The days of the Brazilian blowout are numbered. Although the revolutionary treatment that promised sleek, straight and nourished hair did what it said on the tin, it came at a price: harsh chemicals, lack of body, and an inability for your hair after treatment to take on any nutrients.

The newest technology to come out of Brazil is The Botox by Ybera. A new deep-conditioning treatment, The Botox promises some of the smoothing and the manageability of straightening treatments but without the formaldehyde, meaning it’s softer on the hair and the scalp.

Emma Woodall of The Strand is one stylist who can tackle any kink-prone tresses. On our visit, we were offered the choice of two Ybera products, The 5-step Discovery, which promises ultra-sleek and smooth hair, or The Botox, which offers some of the taming but also ups the conditioning – in fact, Emma claims it’s one of the most effective conditioning treatments currently on offer.

The process starts with a wash to open up the hair’s cuticles, followed by a thorough application and comb through of the Botox treatment. Ingredients including natural fruit enzymes, elastin, keratin and collagen are then infused into the hair shaft by drying and straightening. After another wash, a reconstructing solution is added and allowed to take effect for five minutes before a final wash and dry, and a dehumidifying finishing product.

The result after two hours in the chair? Frizz-free, glossy hair, still with body and movement but flatter and more manageable. For those wanting poker-straight hair, this is not the one for you; but for those that want to fight the frizz at the same time as being able to moisturise and nourish their hair over the summer then The Botox is a wise choice.

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5-step hair action plan

  1. Use a leave-in conditioner before the beach and pool and always rinse in clean water after being in chlorine.
  2. Work with what you have got, not against it. Keep your hair low maintenance over the summer to help keep it healthy.
  3. Avoid short fringes for summer.
  4. Condition, condition, condition.
  5. Buy quality shampoo and conditioners recommended by your stylist