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Get grilling with our barbecue buying guide

To get the low-down on buying a barbecue for your home, we grilled ‘the barbecue queen of Asia’ Rhonda Gretton, managing director of Jervisbay Barbecues.

The Amber BUGG barbecue with trolley is an example of a smaller barbecue
The Amber BUGG barbecue with trolley is an example of a smaller barbecue

Rhonda has worked in the outdoor industry in Asia for decades, and specialised in barbecues for 20 years. She understands the diverse needs of Hong Kong customers so Jervisbay Barbecues stocks a huge range of options from a small charcoal barbecue priced at HK$1200 to outdoor kitchens at more than HK$100,000.

“We are the largest barbecue shop in Hong Kong. In addition to our immense choice of quality barbecues, we specialise in after-sales service and customer care. We carry spare parts for our products and offer cleaning and repair services for all barbecue brands,” Rhonda says. “Our barbecues can be mounted on trolleys or built-in to suit client’s needs. We offer free delivery on allocated days, and our barbecues are delivered assembled to customers.”

They also have outdoor products such as unbreakable tableware and glasses, cooler boxes, candles, outdoor heaters and cooking utensils. Rhonda can even share some recipes if you need!

“Or aim is to make the barbecue experience enjoyable,” she says.

And if you have been thinking about getting a barbecue for your home, you are in luck. Jervisbay Barbecues is hosting a massive warehouse sale at its Wong Chuk Hang warehouse from 1 October. Rhonda talked us through some of the commonly asked questions from customers.

The COBB is a cult classic when it comes to a smaller barbecue
The COBB is popular when it comes to a smaller barbecue option

Is it possible to find a barbecue to suit even if you have a tiny balcony?

Most definitely! Our smallest gas barbecue is the Beefeater Bugg, which can be trolley-mounted or can sit on a table. Other classic-style barbecues can be set up minus side shelves to afford more cooking space. We also have a range of small charcoal barbecues, including our famous Cobb (kitchen in a bag) which allows you to barbecue, roast or bake – it is truly a kitchen in one. It can sit on any balcony floor or on a table. It can be hand carried around whilst you are cooking – its very popular amongst the boating community.

What are the key differences between gas, charcoal and electric barbecues?

Gas would be the most convenient, fastest, and cleanest way of cooking. We also hold the only approval for a hooded barbecue in Hong Kong for use on local town gas. Charcoal is still a favourite for men who like to play with fire but it is a myth that charcoal cooks with more flavour! This depends entirely on the quality of the charcoal. We stock top quality Heatbeads briquettes from Australia as well as hardwoods such as Red Gum and kindling, plus wood chips – Alder, Mesquite, Hickory. We do stock one model of electric barbecues, but they are not as popular and it is not safe to leave an electric barbecue out in the rain.

Jervisbay Barbecues can also cater to customers looking for a more substantial sized barbecue
Jervisbay Barbecues can also cater to customers looking for a more substantial sized barbecue

What are the key products you will need to get started?

Gas and hose fitting are only supplied by the local gas companies and we can assist customers with arrangements. When it comes to fuel for charcoal barbecues, we carry cobblestones (which burn for more than two hours), Heatbeads briquettes, wood and kindling. We also carry the largest range in Asia of barbecue accessories and cooking utensils. In terms of after-sales service, we offer a pick up and return inspection/repair and cleaning service for all barbecues. We carry spare parts for our products, but as most are generic we can usually assist with replacement parts, and the barbecues are returned looking like new! We have even had customers tell us ‘that is not my barbecue’ after a service!

How regularly do you need to have a barbecue fully serviced?

Most barbecue parts are warranted for 1-3 years, but for safety and health checks, it would be advisable to send your barbecue once a year for servicing.


The Jervisbay Barbecues warehouse is open seven days a week from 9am­–6pm Monday to Friday and 10am–6pm on Saturday and Sunday. It’s just five minutes walk from Wong Chuk Hang MTR and there is also some street parking at the rear of the premises in Tong Bin Lane. You can also get hourly parking One Island South and IMPark on Yip Fat Street.

Any queries call 2792 7268 or email shop@ltljb.com

Jervisbay Barbecues

9/F, Unit B, Tin Fung Industrial Building, 63 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Wong Chuk Hang


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