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Baby photography: What goes into a photographer’s best image?

Those fleeting moments of an infant…when parents are stuck in the thick of rearing a newborn, it’s best to engage a professional photographer to capture the fleeting moments of baby’s special time. We chat to baby, family and corporate/lifestyle Hong Kong photographer Keith Cheung-Tsun at PhotoTsunic Studio on how he composes his favourite image.


Give details of the image you have chosen.

I took this photo when I was bathing my elder daughter, Haydence, when she was 10-months-old. I captured her at a joyful moment when she was indulged in bathing, which is also our special time together.

Describe the work that went into perfecting the shot.

It’s really important to understand the personality of the subject matter – and what they like. That’s why before I take any shoot for clients, I like talking to parents to understand the personality and preference of their baby. I will also spend time to observe the baby and his interaction with parents. I will then create a shot which reflects the baby’s most natural and genuine emotions. For this shot, the concept was created based on my understanding of my daughter’s indulgence in water.

Why is it your favourite?

I like this photo a lot as the baby’s happiness was so genuine and her simile is contagious. She was in heaven when I played with her and I captured her sweetest and innocent smile. A lot of clients of mine also told they really love this photo.

Is this image typical of the photographic work that you do?

Yes, but in addition to baby and family photography, another side of my specialty is corporate, lifestyle and documentary photography. My corporate clients included Cartier, Sothebys, Swire and Alibaba, and I did portraits for famous fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, architect, Frank Gehry, public figure Donald Tsang and celebrity Andy Lau.