Asia Travel

Asia travel: the best times to visit destinations in Southeast Asia


The weather is generally hot and humid. June to November often has heavy rainfall and occasional typhoons; March to May is the hottest. November to April are the best months.


November to February is drier and cooler. Avoid Bangkok in scorching April and drenched October. December and August are good months to visit, while May, June and September are less crowded.


Cambodia has four seasons – November to February, cool and dry; March to May, hot and dry; June to August, hot and wet; September to October, cool and wet.


Peninsular east coast has monsoons October to February; the west coast is wet from July to September. Malaysian Borneo can be wet November to January. Mid-year is best for summiting Mount Kinabalu.


Warm year round. Rainfall is common from November to March. May to September are generally drier, though parts of the north receive rain throughout the year.


Monsoon season is May to October; Novmeber to February is cooler; March and April are hot. The north is temperate year round; while the delta region, including Yangon, is always humid.


November through March is best. The dry, hot season from March through May is followed by a rainy season until October.


Singapore is hot year-round. Peak travel season is from December to June.


The north and south have opposing monsoons seasons. May to October is dry in the north. The south is always warm; November to February are best for travel. Central beaches can be wet from December to February.