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APEC and the Umbrella Movement: Obama calls for the end of violence in Hong Kong

All eyes have been on the APEC summit in Beijing this week as US President Obama dons traditional Chinese style garb while calling for the end of violence in Hong Kong from China President Xi Jinping. The Umbrella Movement, which began pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong over a month ago, began as a peaceful protest for democracy and suffrage in Hong Kong, taking a turn for violence during its course.

Leaders unite in traditional Chinese style garb at Beijing’s APEC summit, Credit: Sergei Ilnitsky/European Pressphoto Agency

“Obviously, the situation between China and Hong Kong is historically complicated and is in the process of transition,” Obama remarked at the APEC summit in Beijing, adding, “our primary message has been to make sure violence is avoided. We don’t expect China to follow an American model in every instance. But we’re going to continue to have concerns about human rights.”

Hong Kong’s Facebook status should defo read: It’s complicated.

Obama chats with China’s first lady at APEC summit in Beijing. Credit: Mikhail Klimentyev