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We put an anti-aging facial to the test

By: Danielle Higgins

DANIELLE HIGGINS drops by Emmanuel F salon for an anti-aging facial. Here’s what she thought.

In the never-ending quest to keep our bodies looking young and healthy, we are inundated with dos and don’ts about what we should eat, how we should exercise, and what we should wear. Thankfully, the quest to keep our faces looking young is a lot less rigorous. You just lie there.

After a hectic morning of kids fighting, a crowded MTR ride, deafening construction noise and running out of time to get a coffee, the day wasn’t shaping up to be a great one. I arrived for my appointment at Emmanuel F feeling far from relaxed, but that didn’t last long. The spa is a little slice of quiet, luxurious heaven, and I immediately felt like I was miles away from the hustle and bustle of Sheung Wan.

The treatment

I was booked in for the Panacée Facial, a 90-minute anti-aging treatment that uses a massaging device to work on the deep tissue, and to resculpt and redefine the facial contours, along with a Lift & Firm Facial Massage, which is an add-on to any treatment.

Emmanuel F la facial

The experience

All the facials at Emmanuel F start out with a back massage. Bonus! My therapist Claire seemed to know just the right amount of pressure to apply; it was a fantastic way to relax. (Kids? What kids?)

Next, after cleansing my skin, Claire used the Dermophyt device on my face and neck, paying special attention to the area around my eyes. This machine is designed to invigorate and plump up the skin using a vibrating effect, which was soothing and relaxing. This was followed by a face massage that employed a technique like nothing I’ve ever felt before – at one point, I found myself drifting off.

After the massage, a mask was applied to my face. The Panacée products used in this treatment are specifically designed to combat the signs of ageing, by slowing wrinkle formation, reinforcing antioxidant defences, helping cell renewal and improving hydration. While the mask was working its magic, Claire massaged my arms, then my legs and feet.

Emmanuel F la creme

The verdict

When the treatment was over, as well as feeling extremely relaxed and truly pampered, I certainly saw a difference in my skin. The lines around my eyes were much less noticeable, and my skin looked tighter and smoother. I walked out of the spa feeling like a new, refreshed version of myself, ready to take on the world.

For best results, the treatment course for the Panacée Facial is once a week for three weeks, then once a month for maintenance. The cost of the 90-minute treatment is HK$1,790. The Lift and Firm Facial Massage is HK$930 for 30 minutes.

Emmanuel F is at UG/F, The Pemberton, 22-26 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan | 2167 8280 | emmanuelf.com

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